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Nation Venice
Town Mostar
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Political Party Marvinease
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Early Phase


Alsjad joined earthmc October 5th, 2019. He found out about the server after watching the earthmc ad on youtube. While waiting in queue, he examined the map and saw that in his Bosnian homeland there appeared to be two rivaling factions: Bosnia and Yugoslavia. He knew that he would like to join one of the two, after some consideration he decided that Yugoslavia had more expansive potential. Without realizing it, he had made on of his most impactful choices right then and there. After making it through queue he asked if there were any Yugoslavs online to invite him. Fortunately enough for him the mayor of Beograd and leader of Yugoslavia, S64 was online and invited him. Alsjad then learned that Yugoslavia was actually a dominion under the Greater Roman Empire, while S64 worried that because of Alsjad's ethnic roots, he might feel repelled towards this empire. Luckily, alsjad just saw this as being apart of a large, active community and was welcoming to the concept. While in Beograd alsjad tried fixing up the town and clearing the grieifing around it, apart from this and working on his house, his time spent in Beograd was pretty uneventful.

The founding of Emona

A week into playing Earthmc, alsjad was messaged by S64 about founding a town for Yugoslavia. Alsjad had thought little about making his own town and mostly wanted to help improve Beograd, but when offered free gold to do so, he couldn't refuse the offer. On (insert date) Ljubljana (later renamed to Emona) was founded. At first there was slow progress with alsjad building and claiming everything on his own. Eventually he had the idea to introduce a few friends to earthmc. They would later on all be integral parts of Emona, constructing the districts and paving the roads for alsjad's beloved city. Surprisingly, of these friends, all became inactive and it was SiGoMi, a player alsjad recruited to Emona, who would inherit mayorship of the town and continues to hold it to this very day.

Integration into Byzantium

A few weeks into the creation of Emona it was proclaimed that Yugoslavia would be integrating into Byzantium. Without hesitation alsjad gladly joined Byzantium, this marked a turning point where alsjad starting interacting more with the Roman community and is ultimatly why he remains a prominent member to this day.

Espionage in Bosnia

Because alsjad speaks Bosnian as a first language, with the permission of his superiors, he left Byzantium and joined the enemy nation of Bosnia as a spy. While in Bosnia he was able to gain the trust of it's leadership. With this trust he secured battle plans, expansion maps, and valuable resources including 4 stacks of gold and god tools/armor. He was even taught how to pvp by the Bosnian supreme commander, Daviq.

The founding of alsjadtinople

After being informed about the rebelling state Grand Yugoslavia (Later renamed to Ottoman Rumellia) alsjad decided to temporarily leave his city, Emona, in order to secure land near rebelling cities. On January 10th, 2020, after receiving gold from CorruptedGreed, alsjad founded the holy city. He held the towns for 6 weeks and during that time he was able to refine his pvp skills, clashing with ottoman forces nearly daily. With the war over, alsjad handed the town to Absolute Anarchy, eventually the town fell and the land that used to make it up is now inside of the town of Manastır, lead by OmerPasa.

Accent Into Government

First Praetorial Election

After playing for four months and being active on discord for two, alsjad decided to run for praetor elections. With thirteen candidates alsjad felt uneasy but in a major upset he managed to become the nation's first place candidate, beating out long time Roman politicians such as S64, AD31, and TurkDarthJoker. Unfortunately though, due to issues irl he was forced to resign.

Later Elections

Since resigning, alsjad has never lost an election, being elected to the office of Praetor nine times, and serving eight full terms. Due to his reliability, alsjad has gained the reputation of being a trustworthy Praetor, capable of serving the Consul well.

Term as Consul

Although alsjad always wanted to be Consul he never ran as he respected the likes of Turkdarthjoker, Justinian, and 32Ogre too much to run himself. But as 2020's October elections were nearing he noticed that there was nobody who he deemed competent enough to fill the role. Winning by great margin, on October 3rd, 2020, alsjad assumed the office of Consul. As Consul alsjad aimed for a more assertive and centralized Rome, using diplomacy he was able to oversee some of the Empire's largest territorial gains.