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Ankara is a Metropolis town of Turkey Realm. It was established by Grand Vizier altay9999, in December 21th, 2018. Its current Mayor is Pasha TurkDarthJoker, Minister of Inner Affairs of Turkey. Ankara's ice road connects all towns of Turkey with another. Ankara also provides free blocks, items and food to its citizens and its allies.


Ankara always protects its citizens, whether they are within the town claims or not. Owning a house is free. Mayor is required to give anything to its citizens, when they ask to.When citizens need to buy something from a market, Mayors buys it for its citizen. Ankara has a big church for its Christian citizens, and a mosque for its Muslim citizens. Racism is not forgiven in Ankara, and those who does it are kicked out of town. Town is also protected by the Castle of Ankara, a castle which surrounds the whole town. It is 5 blocks wide and there are 4 entrances within it, which enables the Mayor to climb up to the castle. Over the castle, one can easily see enemies getting nearby.


Ankara is extremely rich in diamonds, golds and emeralds. One can buy wools and diamonds from Ankara. In future, players will be able to buy enchanment books, villagers and sheep.

Views from the city

2019-06-24 18.30.24.png
2019-06-24 18.31.32.png
2019-06-24 18.32.56.png