Astoria (Classic)

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Template:Astoria2Astoria is located in Southern Cascadia with an outpost in Russia and the entire island of Corsica.


Astoria was made on 4/20/2018 under the name 'Darnah' to represent it's location in the real life Libyan city of Darnah. Though on 4/21/2018 Darnah made a colony in Oregon, next to Washington, the then capital of the United_States. seranil quickly decided to move the town to Oregon and went under the name Oregon until it being changed much later on. Darnah started in the Union_of_Eden but moved to Germany for a while while before joining the United_States. Once the name was changed to Oregon the city quickly grew, rising fast to /t list 1 and becoming the capital of the United_States before leaving to become a city state. Oregon then saw itself in between two giants, Canada and Seaterrica, and chose to join Seaterrica, for the time being. After a while Oregon left Seaterrica and join France, then Monafrance, and made up the bulk of the population. seranil was elected Prime Minister in what some say to be a rigged election, this is around when Oregon changed its name to Astoria. The capital of France was Orleans and so the mayor held the nation. Though they were very upset that they had been away during the elections and kicked seranil, this was an act of treason, but it didn't go unpunished, France is now a smaller nation that it has ever been due to Comrade_Ginger's mistake, and NastyDan_xD, who was loyal to seranil, left along with Vancouver. Eventually Dunkirk was sold back to France for 275g, further punishing the nation for its act of treason. This was right after seranil wised up and realized it would be better for everyone if he simply joined Canada, where he happily remains to this day.