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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Antarctic Lands
Towny Name AL
/n list
Formed 23rd of May 2022
National Anthem
Motto The cool ones
Population ~60
Chunks ~825
Towns 5
Capital City Origin
Largest City Origin
Oldest City Origin
Region Indian-South Antarctic Ocean
Language(s) English/Greek/Newer Antarctic
Religion(s) Goatism
Government Information
Political System Alternate Direct Democracy
Economic System Free SocialDemocrat Market
Army Size
Part of Antarctic Union and Polar Republic
Historical Information

AL or Antarctic Lands is a mostly island nation in the region of the Kerguelen islands, between the 3 continents of Antarctica, Australia and Africa. It currently consists of 5 towns, the capital of which is Origin.

The population of the nation has been changing during the years, but during the whole year of 2023 it stayed as one of the most dense populated lands of the server. The biggest part of the population is living under sub-Antarctic conditions in the islands(or the land directly South of the capital). The nation range consists mostly of the Indian and South Antarctic Oceans with 2 island towns, 2 underwater towns and 1 land town. The primary vegetation was mostly consisted of grass while the only land animals are goats, rabbits and rarely polar bears.

The founder of the nation, Gris_(or Gris1gr), first joined May 17th 2022 somewhere in the border between Mongolia and Siberia, saw the great potential of a nation created at that part of the world due to the rich resources. After travelling from his first town, Crystal_Aurora, to the islands of Heard and McDonald (South of modern day Origin) and with the help of the inhabitants of the town of Gabagool on the northern island, he created first the town of Octantis and then the nation of Glacial Union(later to be 2.1ed and renamed to Atlas Cove and then Antarctic lands/AL).