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Arctic Empire
New Arctic Flag.png
Coat of Arms
Arctic coat of arms.png
Arctic territory.png
National Information
Full Name Arctic Empire
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Population 78
Chunks 298
Capital City Jan Mayen
Largest City
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System Absolute Monarchy
Economic System Mzl.afnqvhfl.png Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The Arctic Empire is a nation in the Arctic Circle, with territory in the Arctic Ocean and Northeastern Greenland. The nation was founded June 7th, 10 days after the current capital city, Jan Mayen was founded.


Early History 

Founding of Jan Mayen

Jan Mayen was founded May 28th 2022 by Lil_Ore, the current leader of the Arctic Empire. The town was originally quite small, growing slowly but steadily through the beginning of June. Although approached multiple times by different nations to join, Jan Mayen remained independent until the founding of the nation. The isolation of the town early negatively affected economic activity within the nation, as residents had to travel long distances by boat to access shops in Europe. This isolation was also beneficial for early development of the town as residents were less prone to attacks from map hunters. Only 2 incidents of map hunting are known of during this period. The location of the town also allowed for easier collection of gold to establish the nation, as there were fewer spots that had been explored for mining at the time, increasing the overall speed at which gold could be acquired.

Founding of the nation

The Arctic Empire was founded on June 7th 2022, originally under the name "Arctic_Republic", with intentions of becoming a republic. The nation was later renamed to "Arctic" in towny, and as some active players left the server, control of the nation was assumed by the leader at the time, Lil_Ore, and the nation to this day remains a monarchy with the official leader title being "Emperor".


As the nation expanded in population, more land was needed to accommodate the residential and economic needs of it's residents. As a result, rapid construction of ocean platforms began, upon which the former capital building was built, along with a factory and housing plots. Although the nation had two towns by this time, the vast majority lived in the capital. The second town to join the nation was Tromso, founded by Kloton on July 13th 2022, and to this day the town remains a solo town.

Arctic Grand Prix

Jan Mayen International Circuit (2022 layout).png

The Arctic Empire hosted a Formula 1 Grand Prix between July 23-24 2022. The construction of this track began a moth before, consuming vast amounts of ice to create the large ice roads needed for the race. The race helped boost the Arctic Empire's recognition on the server, and remains the largest event to have taken place in the nation to this day.

Recent History

Reconstruction underwater

At their peak size, the ocean platforms which made up the majority of the nation's usable land had expanded to over 6 times the size of the original island of Jan Mayen. As a result, the nation began to interfere with the appearance of the map, which led to reconstruction of the whole town underwater as the previous buildings were in violation of rule 3.5. This prompted immediate construction of a large new capital building, and Jan Mayen quickly became the largest underwater town, and the town is now known for its unique construction.

Economic Growth

With the completion of the new capital building, the nation had a large amount of space to start selling shop plots, which were sold off quickly along with resident shops closer to spawn. Additionally, a casino was constructed by RJ_Ace, another notable player in the Arctic Empire, which is a large source of income for the nation.

Establishment of the Arctic Military

The Arctic military was established in September of 2022, with previous defence of the nation being primarily in the hands of militias. Previously the Arctic Empire had little need for a full military, however following a small skirmish involving Algiers and a small Arctic expeditionary unit, the Arctic Empire officially established a military. The military began conducting operations in Al Andalus, supporting its first ally Algeria in their war against Al Andalus.

Joining the IMA (formerly KSP)

The Arctic Empire officially joined the IMA on September 19th 2022, after involvement in military operations with it's leader, AndrewTateRo. This further led to the development of the Arctic military, as more residents became involved in wars and gained combat experience. The nation's military economy also grew as weapons, armor and potions began to be produced at a larger scale for use by the military. The Arctic Armory was also constructed to ensure a constant emergency stockpile of weapons, armor and other combat supplies for soldiers in the military in case of a war.

Roanoke joins the nation

Roanoke joined the Arctic Empire on November 1st, 2022 and quickly became the second-largest town in the empire. Many of the residents of this town also became soldiers, significantly increasing the manpower of the Arctic Empire. The town's leader, L2L0P2Q1 had previously had a town in Volga, and after his departure from the nation he grew resentful towards it.

Arctic-Volga War

The Arctic military sent a small force to Volga in early November, which due to betrayal of one IMA member resulted in a small military defeat. A non-aggression pact was signed with the leader of Orsk shortly after, however tensions remained high between the two nations over the next week. On November 12th 2022 at 20:00 CEST, the Arctic Empire officially declared war on Volga, after which a large Arctic patrol force was sent to the capital, Orenburg as well as a light IMA patrol, with a combined force of roughly 12. The IMA later announced that it would abstain from the conflict under the condition that Volga does not bring in its allies. The conflict is still ongoing and no major battles have occurred as of November 15th, 2022. After another stand off, the two nations agreed to a white peace, and the war was officially ended on November 22nd 2022.


The Arctic Empire is an absolute monarchy headed by Emperor Lil_Ore.


The Arctic Military is roughly 10 members strong, and its current operations consist of routinely sending small expeditionary forces in support of the IMA, allowing some soldiers to gain more combat experience, as well as the current Arctic-Volga conflict.


The largest buildings in the Arctic Empire have all been located at the capital, Jan Mayen, with many serving as the nation/town spawn. The first major building to be built was the capital building, built shortly after the establishment of the nation to serve as the nation spawn, as well as the economic and governmental center of the empire. The building covered an area of approximately 12 chunks, and was built on top of the first major extension outwards from the main island.

Image of the first capital building of the Arctic, completed June 10th 2022

The building would remain the capital building, however an even larger building would shortly be constructed. The next large building was a factory, which would serve as the main building for the various auto and mob farms in Jan Mayen, and it would be built upon a new platform, covering a larger area than the capital building.

After the reconstruction underwater, a new capital building was built, larger than the previous one covering a total area of 20 chunks. Many of the materials used in the construction of this building were recycled from the previous capital building, especially the prismarine roof.

The draining process also took a while as a large volume was emptied due to the high ceilings of the new building. This building remains the capital building as of November 16th 2022, with both the n spawn and town spawn being located in the center of the building. The building also houses 6 shop plots in its right wing, leading to increased travel to the n spawn for shopping. A casino was also built near the n spawn by RJ_Ace, further increasing the popularity of the spawn.

Image of the current Arctic capital building, completed August 10th 2022.

Notable People

  • Lil_Ore
  • RJ_Ace
  • Kloton
  • Urihirshman



The Arctic is currently in the IMA alliance, and as a result most diplomatic decisions are heavily influenced by IMA meetings and agreements. The Arctic Empire remains allied in towny with almost every nation apart from those it is directly at war with, and has formal ties with Algeria and the IMA nations.

Recent Updates

The recent sale of The Arctic Empire to uprising player "Gloogles121" has revolutionized the nation completely. Gloogles121 is currently revamping the capital, to return it to its former glory and recognition and to further achieve a populated and powerful nation.