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Caucasian Republic
Flag of the Caucasian Republic
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of the Caucasian Republic
Claim map of the Caucasian Republic as of May 27th 2024
National Information
Full Name Caucasian Republic
Towny Name
/n list
Formed March 29th 2024
National Anthem
Population ~85
Chunks 1194
Towns 22
Capital City N/A
Largest City Jtown
Oldest City
Discord Link to Caucasian Republic Discord
Government Information
Political System Unitary Participatory Republic
President MrPastaMaster
Prime Minister mrgege123
Executive Council of Elders
Legislature Council of Elders, National Assembly
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

The Caucasian Republic is a meganation formed on March 29th 2024 located within parts of Africa and Asia. The meganation is made up of the nations of Great_Bulgaria, Don_Host, Colchis, Nepal, Senegal and south_khazar.



The concept of a united Caucasian Republic started far back from a mega-nation known as the Caucasian Imperium, founded in December 2023 it was the first step towards a united Caucasian Nation. The Caucasian Imperium though, wasnt very active so discussion started between the members of the CI to form a new united and active republic. After a week of discussion the members of the CI formed the Caucasian Republic.

Early History

Almost immediately after the formation of the Caucasian Republic, elections were announced. The first elections were remembered, mostly for the intense propaganda and constant "fights" between the candidates. Soon though, the elections concluded with MrPastaMaster being voted as President, and mrgege123/GEGE123 winning the role of Prime Minister.


The entity of the Caucasian Republic has not yet participated in wars, however the member state of Don_Host has had wars with nations such as Ob and Yemen for various different reasons.


The CR's government consists of many a President, Prime Minister, many Minister positions controlling different sectors, the National Assembly most importantly, the Council of Elders. The President is the highest command in the nation and oversees the Council of Elders and the nation as a whole, the Prime Minister oversees the Ministers and the Council of Elders is the core of the nation. They hold judicial, legislative and executive powers. The Council of Elders is formed by the King, the Prime Minister, the leaders of the nations within the CR, and all the members vouched and voted by the Council. The other main power of the Caucasian Republic government is the National Assembly. The assembly is made up of all the citizens of the republic and also holds legislative power.

Political Parties

Any citizen is allowed to make a political party, currently the 2 parties are the Caucasian Popular Party CRPP.webp and the Caucasian Communist Party CRCP.webp. The majority of the meganation's members align with the Caucasian Popular Party.

Education System

The CR has a unique law creating an education system in which players may learn about EMC and be payed in gold for being a good student. Citizens may become "Teachers" and be the ones to teach in public schools within the CR.


The CR is a part of a variety of alliances. They are a part of the Organization of Free Nations, the Rostov Pact, the Silk Road Alliance, and the Committee for International Security. Additionally, the Caucasian Republic has a treaty with the Kingdom of Serbia.


The nation's military is made up of members of the 2nd Caucasian Infantry Division which is a part of the larger Committee for International Security, managed by MrPastaMaster.


Below is a list of all towns within the CR:

Great Bulgaria:

  • VolgoGrad
  • Lylah
  • fanagoria (Capital of Great Bulgaria)
  • Baran
  • Luhanks
  • Lubny
  • GegeHideout
  • Sochi
  • Slunchaka
  • Lamenburg_Empire
  • UnderTown

Don Host:

  • StalinoGrad
  • Rostov (Capital of Don Host)


  • Dioscurias (Capital of Colchis)


  • Pokhara (Capital of Nepal)
  • Tsangpo
  • Patan


  • Missira (Capitol of Senegal)


  • Jtown (Capital of south_khazar)
  • OMOTI_Town
  • Daidaitown
  • Fay_City

Future Plans

The CR hopes to continue to grow and establish themselves even more as a fast growing, truly democratic megnanation.

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