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Coat of Arms
Wadiya coatofarms.webp
Wadiya territory.jpg
National Information
Full Name East_africa
Towny Name Land of East africa
/n list #32
Formed March 31 2023
National Anthem
Motto Gay Penguins, Wadiya and Aladeen
Population 4
Chunks 9
Towns 1
Capital City Wadiya
Largest City Wadiya
Oldest City Wadiya
Region Africa
Language(s) English, German and Arabic
Religion(s) Gay Penguin Religion
Government Information
Political System dictatorship
Admiral General Hafaz_Aladeen
Economic System Capitalism
Army Size 2
Part of
Historical Information

The nation got created on the 31st of March 2023 by an unknown person as tha nation of "Puntland". On the 3rd of october 2023 Hafaz_Aladeen bought the nation, renamed it to East_africa and changed the capital to Wadiya. East_africa is know for their strong believes in the Gay penguin religion and the "one and only mighty gay penguin", they are also openly showing their hatred against nations with other religions and Israel and they constantly try to convince others to join the gay penguin religion sometimes also while relying on force.


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Early History 


After extensive talks with EchoOcelot Paperpikmin established a new German state in order to recreate the German nation. Initially, success was seen, with a new town established and Berlin regained. This slowed as Paperpikmin became incredibly busy off the server. Nonetheless, as November arrived the nation saw continued legitimacy and growth, however, it is slow due to the major towns of Leipzig and Hamburg proving an enormous obstacle. Many new alliances were quickly established, and diplomatic talks were made initially.


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