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GravityFalls is a town that located on pacific northwest territories of North America (Oregon, USA). It was founded by the Ukrainian player Komet01.

GravityFalls Flag (Town)
GravityFalls Flag (Town)
Gravity Falls (22.02.2024)
Gravity Falls (22.02.2024)
Town Information
Full Name Gravity Falls
Nation Cascadia
Population 1
Area 35 chunks
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark.png -22888, -8136
Continent North America
Economic System
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English

Flag of Russia.png Russian

Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor Komet01
Political System
Historical Information
Established 10.02.2024 at ~14:00
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors


Early History

One day, Komet01, after a two-day journey (05.02.2024 - 06.02.2024) from Siberia to the northwest coast of North America, moored the boat at the port of the town of Pacifica, and transferred all his resources deep into the forest. After 3 days, when Komet01 had enough gold, he founded a town called GravityFalls (10.02.2024 at ~14:00).



Already constructed buildings

The Potato Farm

This farm is located in the town center and produces a lot of potatoes.

The Auto-Stove

The auto-stove is located in the town center, next to the potato farm, and consists of eight stoves.

Planned buildings

Mystery Shack

This building will occupy an area of ​​4 chunks: 1 chunk for the store, 2 chunks for the decorations and 1 main chunks for storing resources. When the area of ​​the town is greater than at least 8 chunks, construction may begin.

Other stuff

While the town is very small, the rest of the town will not be built. When the area of ​​the town is greater than at least 8 chunks, construction may begin.

Question & Answer

What inspired Komet01 to create a town with such a “nostalgic” name?

"Back in 2019, in February or January, I came across Soderling's video about Gravity Falls. I became very interested in watching this show. After I watched this show in its entirety, I had a dream: to make a fan short film about this show (By the way, the short film is in early development!!!) After 5 years, I suddenly remembered this show, and in honor of it I created this town." - Komet01