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Severouralsk is a town in the Ural Mountains, founded by player XiphosS on the 17th of May, 2023. It approximately occupies the area of the real-life city of Severouralsk in Russia, though in recent times it has expanded past the borders of the original settlement.


Before the town's creation, XiphosS scouted the Urals in search for a suitable location for a settlement. Although multiple such locations came to mind easily, Severouralsk's positioning, as well the fact that it was an already constructed hamlet basically handed it win in this competition of town locations. Having arrived in the town, XiphosS took to organizing the city's few remaining resources after an unknown period of the unoccupied settlement being raided. Upon his friends joining and voting, as well as partaking in other basic economic activities such as mining and farming, Severouralsk's resources grew massively, and on the 17th of May 2023 it was officially created as a town.

After this, many ministries were founded, and a dug-in mountain was chosen as the city's government headquarters. From this point onwards, Severouralsk grew massively, having expanded, in less than a week, to occupy more territory than the real-life Severouralsk and to grow its economic activity by creating more profitable sources of income such as sugar cane farms and exporting large amounts of basic resources. Moreover, attempts at reaching Alchemy level 100 began also around that time, and the town was connected to the international nether iceway system and the local Russian-Kazakhstani transport network. Around the 20th of May, the city's de-facto constitution, the "Ural Creeds" were redacted by XiphosS. They represent the political ideals and aspirations of the new Severouralsk, such as a strong stance against the further decentralization and fragmentation of Russia, the idea that power should be centralized in a few cities (destroyed townlets and settlements should either be quickly repopulated or destroyed, their materials being used to bolster the power of other regional settlements), the idea that order is paramount, and yet that it should not be enforced at the expense of the people etc. The city functions under a de-facto direct democracy, though due to the inactivity of other towns members besides XiphosS it is more of a controlled deocracy. Nevertheless, the city council is summoned in case of important decisions, only its decision becoming law.