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Template:Infobox Player / By CyprigoBamBamTheEggman is an EMC Player Active in the North American Regions of the world. 


Originally Hailing from Bridgeton under the RuseOwl Administration. He went on to create his First town in North Dakota Named Bismarck. After a month of mayorship of Bismarck Acehard01 invited him to join the texas republic and found the town of Beaumont. BamBam agreed and ruled over that town for the following weeks. on his 3rd week within the texas republic, he gained a government role and used it to push for his ideals of uniting the state of Texas. ​​​​​​

Unification of Texas and Civil War Acehard01 Appointed BamBam as the Speaker of the house and led the first national meeting in late August. By early August the nation of Texas had unified under the Texas commonwealth composed of several Texan nations. But two weeks later the nation went into the 2nd civil war of Texas. BamBam Sided with the Rio Grande Leaving his Friends behind to serve under a new flag.

The Havana Exodus After relations escalate BamBam and his partner Jaratavious set their eyes on the land Of Cuba recently unclaimed from the previous nation fall. On September 16th, 2019 He and Jaratavious go and settle Havana Cuba along with others with more expected to join in.

Cuba within 3 weeks of the Exodus BamBam was on the throne of Cuba ruling with an Iron Fist punishing those who were inactive and didn't pay tax. During this time BamBam placed Cuba in several wars including the Second Great Server War and the Oceania Conflict. In early November the people of Cuba Ousted BamBam to the United States. ThatOneWierdo took control of the Cuban Junta.

The United States Following the Exile from Cuba BamBam was invited to the United States by Aceshooter and went on to make the state of Georgia under the American Union. This did not last long however after Aceshooter leaked a major bug in the system that gained him access to every message sent in discord with the EMCL bot shortly after the American elections. BamBam was caught up in the drama and Banned for a crime he didn't commit due to his association with Aceshooter

Exile to Germany BamBam Learned that he was no longer banned on EMC and makes a return on March 19th members of the old US freaked out seeing that he had returned to the server widely believing him to be guilty of Aceshooters actions and simply told him to stay away from America. BamBam Sailed off to Europe and settled along the Rhine River making the city of Cologne Germany where he Resides to this day.

Rise to German power 3 Weeks after joining Germany there was a small attempted Coup, led by the Former Kanzler Kranzy of Hannover who was Owner of the German Discord was threatening to make it appear that the Kaiser Heinikin had Abdicated and that he was the leader. BamBam leaped into action and made a 2nd Discord giving it to Heinikin as soon as it was made. 1 week after the creation the nation of Germany made the switch and the Old discord was forgotten. With no Kanzler elections started in Germany. BamBam won the election in a landslide and has been sending the nation in a nationalist imperial empire.