Battle of Frederikshavn

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The Battle of Frederikshavn was a battle between Danish and British forces at the town of Frederikshavn.


Oslo Claims

The town of Oslo, had claimed much of Northern Denmark, over the fallen town of Alaburg. Slesvig also planned to claim this, and Oslo claiming said land was a violation of a treaty they signed 2 weeks back. The northern tip of Denmark was unclaimed, and so Maple_d went there and made a town. He quickly claimed 12 chunks, and tensions began to rise.

During the Battle

Before PvP

The towns of Oslo and Frederikshavn outlawed each others residents, and Oslo quickly claimblocked all of Frederikshavn. This led to Danish soldiers arriving, and Nubian soldiers coming to help Maple_d.

PvP toggled

Once the Nubians arrived, British members took notice and arrived. They quickly started to mark the border and enable pvp at the border. Frederikshavn had pvp enabled, and Nubian soldiers began to disperse due to arriving without armor. It became 4 British soldiers vs 2 Danish, and it became intense.

Height of the Battle

At this time, multiple chunks had pvp on, and Oslo made a trap. Both sides started to fight hard, with no one dying. The british soldiers had stamina, which was draining the 2 Danes' morale. At this time, another Danish soldier arrived, with one Nubian coming back with armor. The battle was still quite intense with no deaths.


Due to the British soldiers having more gear, experience and potions, the Danes were drained of energy. The British king came to stop the soldiers from fighting, and they left. However, a Danish soldier went afk, only to return to be surrounded. Realizing he wont get anywhere, he surrendered, and died.


The Oslo claims in Denmark were negotiated upon, and the two nations agreed to have them removed. This was done because both nations were previously great allies, and this battle changed both sides attitudes to one another, becoming mostly negative.