Battle of Orleans (Classic)

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A decisive victory for Russia in the Russo Hungarian War

First fight

In the afternoon runnerboy72000 attacked and killed a looter in the ruins of Orleans from hungary, as well as a looter from Nuuk. The player from hungary then teleported Slimepharoah into the city who engaged in pvp with runnerboy and chased him out of the city. The two then met again around the hungarian town of Warsaw where a pvp battle ensued before runnerboy retreated after slimepharoah began using end crystals against him.

After this first series of fights, Russia raided the town of Warsaw again later in the day, but never encountered slimepharoah again in the fight.

Early Battle

After mustachegames got eagle to roll back the ruins of orleans, a controversial action which led to resources in the city. including gold, essentially being duped. Runnerboy72000 returned to the city and chased the Hungarian looters out. They then gathered a larger hungarian/free states army and attacked runnerboy72000. They fought inconclusively for a while before both sides left to get more supplies. When runnerboy72000 returned the player mlgterra joined him. The two then quickly destroyed a joint attacking group made up of Murmansk Hungary and the free states. The coalition went through large amounts of gear in attempt to force the two players out of the ruins. After the coalition stopped fighting due to low supplies, the two left.