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What are crates?

Crates are custom items exclusive to Earth MC, Crates can give you Gold ( the currency of the server. ) Crates also can drop Tridents, totems of undying, and previously, Sponge and god apples.


Crates are received from using the /vote command and clicking on the links provided. Clicking on the links takes the player to a minecraft voting site where once inserting their username and playing a quick Captcha game they are awarded with 1 crate for each links they have recieved. Each of the links has different cooldown timers. One has 12 hours while the other has 16. It was once possible to save the links to your phone or other devices and vote offline but it was patched soon after discovery of the exploit.

To open a crate, simply place it down anywhere and it will begin rolling like a slot machine.


Here are the gold crate statistics - (ESTIMATE.)

Tridents and Totems (Very rare, 0.1% - 0.75%.)

Gold drops

1 gold (rare 7.5%)

2 gold (uncommon 15%.)

4 gold <- average (common 40%.)

8 gold (uncommon 15%.)

12 gold (rare 7.5%.)

16-20 (very rare 5%.)

20+~ (extremely rare 1%~)

I know the math doesn't add up but its an estimate.

Bruh Crates

Bruh Crates are extremely rare variations of the normal crates where one each is given to every online player once the vote number for EarthMC on the vote site reaches a zeros point (4,000 , 5,000 etc...). They have different drops than regular crates, and come with often unobtainable items such as Bones or Leather.

Due to the infrequent nature of the Bruh Crates we are unable to provide statistics.


Crates, that I know of, have been changed 4 times.

  • The first form gave you 10 gold, no unfair lootboxes.
  • The second version of voting was the first example of a crate, after you do /vote, you get a crate for each link that gives you some random chances of gold, which averaged higher than the current vote crates, and also had a chance of giving sponge and gapples, unlike the current ones
  • The third version of gold crates are just like the the 2nd version with these key differences:
  1. A new gold like texture instead of a vanilla chest look.
  2. Less gold on average
  3. The deletion of sponge and golden apples as uncommon rewards.
  • The fourth version of gold crates seem to just give less gold.