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Ebola_chan (埃博拉酱) or Ebola for short is the nation leader of Sui, a extremly skillful miner, one of the helper of the server and an very active Chinese player in the server.

Early History

Ebola_chan already known EarthMC several years before, but only really started to play since December 2022 on Aurora after a redstone server she's been playing for many years died. A player called PreviousYun recognized her as Chinese and invited her to Wuhan, a medium size town in Ming. Her gold mining speed soon drew the mayor's attention and immediately become the Councillor. And after Wuhan reached 940 chunks, she was promoted to the Cabinet of Ming Union discussing important nation affairs and continued to create fiscal revenue to the whole union.

Being nation leader of Sui

Because of the status Ebola_chan has in Ming Union, when eLGang, the former leader of Sui, want to quit EarthMC. He give the whole nation with all its wealth including many valuable items, lots of gold in nation bank and a huge potion maker to her. Although she can't help constructing Wuhan anymore, she continued to mine and has accumulated uncountable amount of wealth for the future use of Ming Union.

Staff life

Ebola_chan once saw someone talking about helper application, so she applied for it to try her luck. For her surprise, she was selected to become a helper in 13 Jan 2023. After a period of active playing and working, she was successfully promoted to moderator on March the 4th.


  • The name Ebola_chan is actually Ebola-chan, which is an internet meme popularized by 4chan depicting a moe anthropomorphization (gijinka) of the Ebola virus.
  • Due to her many years experience in redstone servers, she knows a lot about redstone and game mechanics.
  • Her goals besides mining a lot of gold, is to create a map art of herself, so she can spread Ebola-chan all over the server.
    Now she finished it, no one knows what will be her next move.