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"Excavation is the act of digging up dirt to find treasures. By excavating the land you will find treasures. The more you do this the more treasures you can find."

XP Gain

To gain XP in this skill you must dig with a shovel in hand. Only certain materials can be dug up for treasures and XP.


To look up stats in game type the following command in chat


To bring up in game help type the following command in chat

/excavating ?

Compatible Materials

Grass, Dirt, Sand, Clay, Gravel, Mycelium, Soul Sand, Snow

Giga Drill Breaker

Active skill, unlocked at Excavation level ???. Giga Drill Breaker is an ability with a cooldown tied to Excavation skill. It triples your chance of finding treasures and enables instant break on Excavation materials.


With a shovel in hand right click to ready your tool. Once in this state you have about 4 seconds to make contact with Excavation Compatible Materials this will activate Giga Drill Breaker.


A passive skill, unlocked at level 50. At Excavation lvl 50 you will earn treasures as you excavate Compatible Materials. Also as you advance your Excavation level, you will incrase your chance to receive an extra experience orb upon breaking a Compatible Material. see Info section for stats.

Quote from the in-game help:

Every possible treasure for Excavation has its own skill level requirement for it to drop, as a result it's difficult to say how much it is helping you. Just keep in mind that the higher your Excavation skill is, the more treasures that can be found. And also keep in mind that each type of Excavation compatible material has its own unique list of treasures. In other words you will find different treasures in Dirt than you would in Gravel. Notes about Excavation:
Excavation drops are completely customizeable So results vary server to server.

Archaeology Drops

This section is an anecdotal list of drops you get from the following materials.


  • Glowstone Dust (lvl 50+)