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1 January 2024

9 February 2023

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6 February 2023

5 February 2023

4 February 2023

  • curprev 17:2617:26, 4 February 2023Filolog#8339 talk contribs 3,831 bytes +3,831 Created page with "I am '''Filolog''', a Polish player who currently owns the Mexican town of Durango City and the nation of Durango. I am commonly referred to as 'Filo', which is a shortened version of 'Filolog'. I first joined EarthMC on 16 March 2019, but I quit for a long time due to my poor social and English skills. {{Player |title1 = Filolog |image1 = Filolog.png |caption1 = Filolog's skin |town = Durango City |nation = Durango |registered = Old MC account - 16 March 2019 Curren..."