Frankfurt (Classic)

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Frankfurt is a town in Germany with a population of 2 players, and it is the oldest German town that has never been disbanded or removed from the map in any ways, the mayor TC_Lapix created the town just a couple of days after joining the server. Frankfurt has been through many things, including nation changes.

the town joined Sweden, and after a while the mayor decided to join Russia, and got in 2 attacks against Sweden.

after a while, Frankfurt joined Germany again and a big change was made to the town, the dirt layer that was covering and hiding the town was removed and some houses was built to be able to hire more residents to the town.

after the fall of Germany, Frankfurt joined Nazi_Germany and the leader Adolf_Hitlar. when Caarliitoo remade real Germany, Frankfurt joined that nation instead.

The town has 6 outposts right now: one in the end, one in central Russia (the buildings there were first built by a group of players that called themselves W.I.P, and when the town disbanded, Frankfurt decided to claim it as an outpost.), two outposts on Yuzhny island, situated north of Russia, there are also two more outposts in western-central Australia.

Recently, Frankfurt has gone through another change, as 74beetle removed the old paths covering the ground in the town and building the Autobahn through the city center.

Frankfurt also owns parts of old towns, one example is Geneva, Frankfurt and Geneva were close friends, though the town of Geneva collapsed, and to preserve the buildings and the history that Geneva had done, Frankfurt claimed it.