Kai-Majapahit War

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Kai-Majapahit War
Date 27 November — 28 November 2021 (15 hours)
Location Southeast Asia (Maluku)
Result Rajasa victory
Kai surrenders due to the heist suffered and their leader leaves EarthMC
Status Ended
Majapahit annex AntiOniyama, capital of the Empire of Kai.
Rajasa Pact
IndochinaFlag.png Indochina
MajapahitFlag2021.png Majapahit
Ss.png Philippines
Empire of Kai
Empire of Kai
Commanders and leaders
IndochinaFlag.png Fluxeeh
MajapahitFlag2021.png NeFFeeh
Ss.png YetIMC
Total: 313
IndochinaFlag.png 168
MajapahitFlag2021.png 97
Ss.png 48
Total: 57
Casualties and losses
None Several valuables (over 3000G worth)

The Kai-Majapahit War was a brief armed conflict in Southeast Asia involving Majapahit and allies against the Empire of Kai, which was occupying the lands on Southeast Maluku claimed by Majapahit and Maluku (their dominion). Since Majapahit declared war until the Empire of Kai surrendered, just 15 hours passed.


On October 2021, the Majapahit government began negotiations with the Empire of Kai to acquire the lands on Southeast Maluku, but the Kai leader refused to give them their capital.


Majapahit declared war on the Empire of Kai on 27 November 2021 at 23:00 UTC. Philippines declared war in support of Majapahit on 28 November at 6:37, and Indochina did the same at 8:40.

Apparently, the Empire of Kai's capital AntiOniyama suffered a heist organized by Majapahit spies just before the declaration of war. In this action, netherite armors and ingots, enchanted swords, gold blocks, beacons and other valuables were captured, leaving the Kai citizens defenseless against the major Asian powers.

Peace signed

The Empire of Kai surrendered to the Rajasa leaders on 28 November at 13:30 UTC with no combat ever happening. The king of Kai declared he would be leaving EarthMC.