Kingdom of Naples (Classic)

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The earlier Mayor Oliveer (now known as Oliwer) founded Naples on the 3rd of April 2018. After a few days, Naples became part of the Spanish Federation. One day, Oliveer's friend PingSG joined the game. Oliveer invited him directly to Naples. After some days, Oliveer left Naples and selected PingSG as the mayor of Naples. The province Sardinia was already claimed by Oliveer as an outpost (but not most of it). The other province Eritrea was also claimed by Oliveer. After some weeks PingSG didn't knew what to do with Eritrea so he decided to unclaim it.

Evolution of Naples

After PingSG became mayor of Naples, he builded the NBI (National Bank of Italy) Naples become better, bigger and it got an economic boom (by mining so much coal, redstone, lapis, iron, diamonds and emeralds). One Day, PingSG looked at the DynMap and saw that Rome was blocking his claiming area. As he saw it, he waited about 2 -3 weeks until Rome fell into ruin. Meanwhile he constructed a metro system in Naples. He cleared a bit of his territory and tried to build the Italian Facebook HQ, which was half done. But he decided to destroy it, to make place for a parliament or for a town hall. One day PingSG talked with KadeTheDank to unclaim the french outpost. After some minutes, Kade said, that he wont give "Vatican" to any other players, cuz of Sarmango (the "pope" of "Vatican") but Ping said, that he will take care of it, but Kade didn't answered on his message. Naples is also one of the biggest supporter of Spain. One day, PingSG decided to leave Spain and created his own nation Italy. Just 22 hours after creating the nation, he decided to disband the nation, to join back to Spain. One day, a player called DinoGod joined the game and joined Naples. After one hour, DinoGod wanted to create Calabria (Calabria was already claimed by PingSG). So PingSG unclaimed 5 chunks for DinoGod, that he can make Calabria. But PingSG saw it on the next day, that he made a mistake, cause DinoGod never joined back. An other player called ForeverOwl_YT, joined Naples and after some weeks, he decided to be a "vassal" of Naples (so he will give taxes and help Naples). One Day, the player Naakha started a war against Spain, the reason was Naples. After 2 weeks, Naples was nearly corrupt so he decided to join Naakha's nation called Italy which has already Milano in their territory. PingSG saw also that Sicily was mostly free from nino175 town called Carlym.

Metro System

Connection Finish Date
1 Naples - Sardinia 30th April 2018
2 Sardinia - Barcelona N/A
3 Naples - Rome 22th May 2018
4 Barcelona - Euskal Herria N/A
5 Naples Tirana N/A
6 Rome - Venice N/A
7 Rome - Turin N/A
8 Sardinia - Madrid N/A

National Bank (as of 05/05/2018)

Redstone Blocks 133
Lapis Blocks 151
Emeralds 298
Coal 3,870
Diamonds 153
Iron 1,428