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Old Seaterrica

MLGTerra was the leader of Seaterrica. MLGTerra lead the Seaterrican country under a strict communist rule with its population, which dwarfed every other country, working hard in the mines. Known for creating the greatest wall in the world to keep out the invaders, MLGTerra eventually went insane and destroyed Seaterrica in the only way possible. From the inside. However, up until then, MLGTerra was a extremely influential player which helped shape much of EarthMC. He is still recognised by most people and will for ever be known as leader of Seaterrica.

New Seaterrica

MLGTerra made a return to the server and after bouncing around and making different towns made Central America and the nation of Seaterrica.

New Zealand

MLGTerra passed New Seaterrica to his best friend (IRL) with the idea to move to New Zealand. The nation New Zealand was founded on the 25th of July 2018. The creation of New Zealand has had a lot of planning and a massive investment of 11000gold ingots was needed to make this happen. People have been busy with cleaning up New Zealand for a while now, it was a real mess before. Everywhere from across the map people started helping cleaning it up, not only friends came to help but enemies from the past aswell. New Zealand is not an accomplishment for MLGTerra alone this has been a whole server project which brings great joy to everyone seeing such a unified server. The idea of this project is to make New Zealand great again, but a very important side project of MLGTerra has been to create the United-Nations so he can bring peace to the server. MLGTerra has stopped being one of the most agressive players if it comes to war and wants to settle for peace this time.