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This is an evaluation of my time on EarthMC, I have tried to make it as unbiased and fair as possible.


Joel02 joined in late February 2018, spawning in Russia. He explored and found an abandoned base with loads of brilliant loot. After inserting it into an e-chest at Ikea, he decided to log off for the night and then returned properly about 1-3 days before World War Lag in late March. He created Samara in Russia and intended to go up against WextraMC in the upcoming Russian elections. Joel02 had little experience with servers and none with towny so everything was fairly new to him. Joel02 tried to fight for Russia in the war, however hence the name, it lagged a lot and crashed.

Later on, Joel02 created Dumai and joined the nation equivalent to Malaysia. Lots happened that won't be mentioned here, however, my knowledge is vague. Dumai became a very successful town and was the first town of, now admin, CloakedEagle. He did however stage many fake attacks on his town and inflated it with literally a good 30 alts. Whilst this was against the server rules, Joel02 was so new to servers as a whole that he did not understand the gravity of the situation. Arganog banned all the alts, most likely getting Joel02's lack of understanding, or just simply confused, who knows!

Joel02 eventually decided to move to Britain and brought CloakedEagle along with him; he created the Midlands, claiming a decent amount of land next to the inactive towns of United Kingdom. Eagle decided to leave the town to create Amazon (shop) near spawn. Joel02 stopped recruiting and once again artificially inflated his town with alts. This time Arganog (mod and owner of IKEA) explained in more detail the rules, which marked the end of Joel02 accidentally breaking rules.

He messaged the UK leader, GeneralRhombus, and talked for a bit about the UK nation ingame and its history. Joel02 said, in a polite way, that he would create the nation of England or something alike as an attempt to revive the nation. After a day or two, GeneralRhombus decided to hand over the nation to Joel02, leading him to take the throne. Joel02 quickly moved to Belfast, which became the new official capital.

Joel02's time as king of United Kingdom was short-lived (roughly a week) but historic. His first act was leading United Kingdom into an ongoing major war, however,with the UK so inactive, they did not stand a chance. Some colonies joined and Joel02 dramatically improved the nation in some aspects, however still being a newfag, Joel02 decided that paying 25 gold in war reparations was 'too much' and instead reluctantly agreed to become a vessel state of the communist nation 'seaterrica'. The British people did not take to this news very well and rebelled. Joel02 tried to reason with them for a whole night in the most vicious, over the top and violent discord chat imaginable. Fed up, Joel02 deleted the UK discord which contained a vast sum of history. He did recognize his rule was over and agreed to a deal made by German leader, Paper, in which he would go if Paper paid him enough gold to start a new nation. Joel02's famous act of revenge was giving the nation to the very inactive Wales, and setting taxes extremely high which then lead to the collapse of the nation. He joked about this with Japanese leader, Minehero43, which Minehero43 later announced to everyone. This is why many classic players dislike Joel02, even to this day. After this,he created Ireland, however, nothing of great interest happened during this period.

Joel02 created an uncountable number of towns on classic, however a prominent one was Belgium. He was fed up with being called a communist in chat all the time, so as a joke he created Brussels, and then Belgium making it full on communist. This nation got invaded many times but was fairly successful.

Later on he focused his time on waging war against his arch-enemy, Japan. Even at one point creating a nation on the mainland. Despite his war crimes on classic, he did restore a good chunk of Japan, and restored many parts of the map during his time on classic.

Some things may be missing, however his last town at least was the Isle of Man. He read of plans by a historic player, Mathsminer, to create a city in the Irish sea. He was forever angry against the UK for what he thought was an unjust overthrowing, so he tried to fill in the Irish sea. The_pock spotted him in the act which led to a battle between Joel02 + MLGTerra vs the_pock, close to Yorkshire.

His final act was participating in a war involving allied forces of some description (mainly Spain) vs Seaterrica. He can be seen fighting in a video featured on Fix's youtube channel under the name Its_Joel. Seaterrica thrashed them in the war, but Joel02 wanted revenge for Terra convincing him to become a vassal state and Terra's lack of help when it came to the event that led to Joel's overthrowing. With perms he was given by Terra, he looted the whole base featured in the video above, resulting in a server crash because so many chests were destroyed. Joel02 and Spanish forces marched around the town in joy, with Joel being crowned a hero. However, people did not know it was Joel, they believed that Joel had given the account to a non-existent Brother, Swoop. Joel created costa Rica and enjoyed Earthmc for a bit until the reset was announced in which he left and came back in November (Terra nova release).

Most of his time after being King of the United Kingdom was spent getting revenge on enemies, especially the members of the UK that overthrew him in the first place.

Terra Nova

Joel02 originally started off on Terra Nova with the town of Sussex in Britain under the name 'Swoop' (same account with a name change), which still exists to this day. This town was around the 25th to the 50th town on EarthMC Terra Nova.

After eventually quitting the town due to a conflict (which he owned for a long time), he created Central_Falklands. Back then the islands were completely different and after claiming just 3 chunks, he left and quit EarthMC for a while.

Joel02 then returned the following year, which happened to be during the Toycat invasion (April), and created West-Falklands. This became rather successful, however, Joel02 had upcoming important exams and opted to stop playing for a bit; a 20 player+ town requires a fair bit of dedication.

Joel02 rejoined in roughly October and created the town of 'Isle of Scilly' off the coast of England. He looked to expand and negotiated a decent foothold in Cornwall, England. Joel02 paid for every chunk, that he wanted, to be removed by the Plymouth mayor and consequently renamed his town to 'Cornwall'. Later on, he created a nation called 'Cornwall', however, after repeated attacks, this leads him to move on. He decided to become a martyr for the Brexit cause and spammed phrases like 'Get Brexit Done' in chat to deliberately get banned (basically he was done with EarthMC). This was unsurprisingly a great success! Joel02 was IP banned permanently.

In April 2020, Joel02 took the time to write a proper ban appeal and after giving a deep and meaningful apology for his reckless actions, he was unbanned from EarthMC. Joel02 created a few towns like 'MI6' off the coast of Britain, and 'Grenada'. Eventually, Joel02 decided to move back to the Falklands and created the FalklandRepublic. This town is now his permanent one and he has managed to obtain a good 50 chunks and has plans for a nation. Joel02 is keen to fight the Argentinian threat to the death, and will never surrender!

Although he never surrendered, he decided it was best to leave the island. The argentinians forced him into leaving, which meant aomeone bought his town, then argentina bought that town. Joel later made East Andorra with TheMinecraft_Guy made West Andorra - both towns worked very close with each other - he lived there for about a month, until fully quitting EMC.

He is currently uncontactable, as his discord and wiki account both sadly got deleted, so his current status is unknown.