Midwestern Union

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The Midwestern Union is a union of 9 states in the American Midwest, and southern Canada.


Foundation of The Midwestern Union

The Midwestern Union was founded on the 5th of February with its original member states being: Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Kentucky, Missouri, and Indiana. Two days later it added on its 7th Nation with the joining of Wisconsin.

First Presidental Elections

It was first made clear they needed an elected official when Ohio got attacked and they were utterly demolished in a battle that will go down in infamy. So Registration started and many candidates dropped out of the race, on election day there were 3 candidates: Hambellux, Beaverman1, MCPBuilderGuy. In the end, Hambellux won and became the first President of the Midwestern Union.

First War

Over the next few weeks, the Midwestern Union welcomed 3 more member states: Northern Minnesota, Dakota, Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan marked the first Canadian state to join the Union. On the 5th of March, the Midwestern Union declared war on Nunavut. They have been at war ever since, with new elections coming in, nobody truly knows what will come for this nation.

Member States

The following nations are member states of the Midwestern Union.