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Early Days and California:

Arizona started as one town, by the name of Phoenix before splitting off into two separate towns, Sedona and Phoenix.

Both towns were a part of the California Confederacy, under the leadership of No_Jewtsu and Cmad. After California grew more corrupt due to Cmad and his power abuse, Phoenix declared it's independence from California, and shortly after, Sedona did as well.

Phoenix decided to stay a neutral town, not joining a nation again until the creation of Arizona. Sedona however, decided to join the Texas Republic, becoming the farthest west town within the nation.


While within Texas, Sedona was happy and content to stay, however, as the town continued to grow, they began to feel like they weren't truly a part of Texas as they were so far away from every other town in the nation. This eventually led to Sedona leaving Texas (on peaceful terms this time, unlike with California) and becoming a neutral town along with Phoenix.

The Grind

For around 2 weeks, Sedona and Phoenix began to grind for gold, eventually, on the 24th of December, they gathered the 512 gold to create a nation. Sedona gathered around 300 gold and Phoenix about 200 gold.

Modern Times

After the creation of Arizona, Sedona, and Phoenix continued to grow while bringing in new towns to the nation. Arizona had two nations whose alliance grew stronger and stronger, the California Confederacy and the Republic of Cascadia. After the fall of the California Confederacy due to the town of Lompoc and the create of the New California Republic, relations between Arizona and California quickly lowered. Arizona and Cascadia are strong allies and continue to work with each other to achieve goals and help North America grow stronger.

Current Towns

Sedona, Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Flagstaff, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Avondale, Fort Akibara, Yakima, Black Water, Humboldt County, Pie Town, Groom Lake, Gresham, and New Canaan. .