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This nation is defunct, please look at the Philippine Republic for modern Philippine information.



The planning of who the successor of the Panama Union would be was first initiated before the announcement of Terra Nova. The first idea of settling in the Philippines was co-made by founders Ayagad, Bluehunter, and Shirazmatas. A discord together with the announcement in general chat did not lead to a huge enthusiasm which would eventually lead to the sparse population noticed today.

Beta launch

As both Bluehunter and Shirazmatas had blue ice donator status it was.... sorry but the rest of the information was deleted by someone.

Religion: The Philippines is a Christian nation, And a majority of the citizens either practice Catholicism or Protestantism in accordance with the nation's constitution extreme sects of Islam defined by governing law have been outlawed and are regulated by parliament and the crown and the nation is noted as having a healthy relationship with the church.


Recent History

A spy in the Philippine Discord had found out of all the Philippine Governors were planning for a revolution against Skylordvoxaco. Because of this Skylordvoxaco had found out as the spy told him, a few days later news of the revolution being leaked reached illidanlestat (The owner of the Philippine Discord) and announced the leaking to the governors. 20 minutes later, Pagong City (Masbate) secceeds starting the 2nd Philippine Civil War. A few hours later all towns left the Philippines except for Manila. The Initial Insurrection had however failed making it three total failed Uprisings Until the creation of the F.R. Additonally the Catholic Church would begin playing a significantly larger role in the Spring of 2021.

New leader

Around May of 2019, Shirazmatas handed leadership to the Philippine's current leader, Skylordvoxaco. During his rule, the Philippines grew from one of those other nations into one of the largest growing nations on the server. Wars that the Philippines has participated in are the Qin War, The War Against Norway, The Liao War, The Han War, and the war on Terror Along with multiple failed Uprisings and the Filipino Civil War.

The Second Golden Age

The second golden age of the Philippines, started in October 2020 and ended in December 2020 was the short era of peace and prosperity in the Philippines, when everyone was active and the Philippines had almost returned to its former glory aka the pre war Filipinas-Philippines war. The start of the Second Golden Age is when illidanlestat made a peace treaty between Philippines and Filipinas. There were 92 members in the Philippines and the country was almost united under Manila. Major towns popped up like Naga and San Fernando. Things started to go downhill after Bacolod fell into ruins and when revolutionary ideas spread across the nation, although the Second Golden Age continued until January 2021.

The Modernization & Beautification Act : For some time it had been complained about by citizens and foreign visitors alike that the Philippines had lacked modernization, However in 2021 The Modernization Act had been passed in Parliament along with the yearly budget and goals, One of which was to establish a fluid system of pathed roads and subway tunnels connecting the cities of the Northern Philippines together, Making travel easier for both citizens and that of visitors! Along with this an effort was made to repair the sprawling white sand beaches and coral reefs of Manila Bay and it's surrounding friendly territories. Additionally the restoration of churches and Historic sites was also made a priority of this North of the border these efforts can be seen in the hard work completed by dedicated Philippine Citizens, Officers, Politicians, And Workers!

Civil War 2019-2021

(First Civil war caused the death of the Philippines, ended in October 15)

On the 12th of February 2020 civil war was announced by illidanlestat a spy had leaked revolution plans to Skylordvoxaco. When illidanlestat (The owner of the Philippine Discord) was told about this, he announced it to the governors and that it was now or never to revolt, several towns left the nation and declared that the nation was undergoing a Civil War against Skylordvoxaco led by YetI_MC. This is due to Skylordvoxaco's "inactivity and the lack of communication he has with his nation and he is a fascist and has terrible relations with his neighbors"-Illidanlestat. When the Civil War progressed, the nation opposing the Philippines is called the Philippine Federal Republic, as of now they are in a stalemate making walls and trenches around there claims. As of Mid March 2021 For a long while the guns had fallen silent It seemed the North and Southern halves would know peace and independence, For a time talks of trade and commerce had been discussed and territory had been carved up. However The Philippine Insurrectionist's Violated a treaty that their acting representative Yeti_Mc had agreed to by inviting the town of Sunnyvale into the F.R Causing a rogue Militia to spawn from the chaos and engage unarmed catholic church missionaries, And Several RPMP Officers killing them, The resulting fallout escalated into the activation of the Emergency powers act granting the government war-time powers and re-engaging of the state of conflict into the Border wars.

The Border Conflict of 2021 As a result of the Violation of the treaty signed at the end of the Civil war surrounding re-integration and re-unification, The southern democratic government decided to downplay the agreed upon terms stated and largely ignored them along with pagongs inactivity and the constant badgering of Loyalist citizens by Federalist's, This would eventually reach a boiling point in Mid to late April when DTK69 Invited the Northern hamlet of Sunnyvale into the Southern Democratic F.R sparking a rebellion. Resulting in 6 dead and the activation of the WADS Pact *Citation* and a formal declaration of war on the Now Invading southern nation Which rages today Artillery has been exchanged from both sides capitals. The Former 1st Imperial Marines were activated at the beginning of the conflict deploying a Mortar to the border. This ended when Skylordvoxaco was banned in mid June.

The Fall Of Manila

Manila fell on July 25 2021 after 42 days of Skylordvoxaco being banned, the entire place was looted and most of the animals including the Polar Bear was killed. Greater Manila began claiming Manila and many are roaming the area for loot although most of it is gone.



Conscription is for all males ages 15 and up. Women are exempt from the draft but are welcome to enlist voluntarily. However, In times of crisis all Citizens are eligible for the draft.


The marines operating as the armed ground forces as per the military reorganization act consists of several companies each city joining the Philippines is required to provide either a military unit in the Naval Reserve or the marine corps, If special exceptions are made then cities are allowed to only operate a Police force, However, such special territories and autonomous regions such as Genetic city being comprised largely of French-speaking citizens have been authorized to form the Philippine foreign legion which operates as a defensive ground force for our French autonomous territories Operating independently of Filipino Pacific Eastern Command. As of 2021 the Marines and Navy have been Inactive as for a larger part de-mobilized as a force though various Installations still exist in memory of their valiant service to the Nation.

Military/Police Unifications Act: As of April 2021 The Provisional parliament of the Northern Half of the Philippines had unanimously voted during the peacetime following the aftermath of the civil war to dissolve the Marine corps and Navy in-order to keep budget low and keep things easily manageable, To collapse the Former military organizations and independent police into a singular dual responsibility organization, A Paramilitary Gendarmerie force known as the Royal Philippines Military Police would be charged with defending the nation's city's and in times of conflict taking the role of a Military force and defending the Nation as a whole, As a requirement for entry, Each city admitted to the northern half of the Divided Nation would be required to house their own precinct or unit Cities,Hamlets,Settlements are entitled to decide which of these formats is best suited and are welcomed to host any supporting units, I.E Cavalry or Marine Support units given they fall under the RPMP Forces.

The Royal Philippine Military Police Site re-acquisition's & Counter Insurgency Act: Sub Sect 1 of the Act Permits RPMP forces permission to reclaim former Military Installations and Law Enforcement precincts I.E Triton AFB, Manila PD, Sunnyvale Constabulary. Pampalon PD. Mata Armory. Marikina Armory. For use in both funding and supplying forces Aswell as using pre-existing government sites for training personnel and additional forces In addition's to this act, Individual's suspected of supporting Insurrection forces are liable to have asset's seized and face potential prosecution under the full extent of the law by the Philippine Supreme Court.

No Surrender clause: Exe Order #335: Is signed into effect on 06/12/21. Under and within accordance of the Insurrection act, The Philippines has recognized the F.R As an outside threat not an Insurgency, and as such war time powers are in-effect and fully given to the standing leader of the Philippines, *OcurtaMemes* as of 06/13. Passed from the previous administration. This clause would be hand and hand with a secret operation, In correlation to a previous one. This order details that the Military destroy any and all assets that could be used by foreign forces in-order to sustain and re-supply themselves, Rounding up of valuable Items and Military equipment, And the evacuation of the city, The conscription of any and all able bodied citizens for Para-Military service under Emperor Ocurta's Direction, The Acceptance of any form of capitulation or surrender to the F.R Is unacceptable and will under no circumstance's be tolerated, In accordance with 335# All remaining unit's are to refer to Emperor Curta for directives and orders which they will carry out or face jail time as a consequence of dereliction of duty. Any governmental agent who attempts to capitulate or surrender to the enemy is to be summarily imprisoned stripped of their status & title and executed. No exception's. In accordance with our constitution, This is not an acceptable act and the order MUST! Be carried out. Military personnel are already made aware of specific locations that are safe for operating and are to make full advantage and use and contact our allies updating them on the current situation and their role within it. ~Emperor Voxaco. "Good Luck gentlemen, Ad victoriam, Ex machina non sebi sed patriae!"



  • Manila (Capital) | Leader: Skylordvoxaco (DELETED ON LATE JULY)

Former Towns/Towns that Seceded *Remaining towns listed*

  • Dumaguete | Leader: illidanlestat
  • Naga | Leader: Jayisa
  • Palawan| Leader: Vippyyy
  • Masbate | Leader: Pagong04
  • Greater_Manila | Leader: YetI_MC
  • SunnyValle(Hamlet) | Leader Layhey *Contested*
  • Davao | Leader Exemose
  • Siurigao | Leader Raff06
  • Gensan | Leader Zuixsan

Events and Images

Special Events in History

  • The changing of leadership from Shirazmatas to Skylordvoxaco and later to Ocurtamemes.
  • Emperor Skylordvoxaco and Empress ImPolska wedding
  • The Philippines becomes a viceroyalty of Spain
  • The Philippine Civil War Ends After a brutal 1 year of fighting which killed the nation.
  • The Philippines succeeds from Spain and no longer is a viceroyalty.
  • Bacolod goes under Permanent military occupation.
  • Manila Becomes 2 years old.
  • Creation of the Philippines Constitution and Rights for all citizens.
  • Crowning of __Jxstin_ as Prince of the Monarchy and Yoda2301 As Prime Minister.
  • Officiation of CorsairCrusader as General of the Royal Military Police. And re-institution of Law and Order. *Not the show*
  • Restoration of Various Churches and beaches.
  • Grand Opening of the Manila Zoo. & Permanent Closure in an effort to protect the animals.
  • Creation of the North/South Border wall and militarization of the border.
  • Kalashnikov The Polar Bear turns 2!
  • Founding of the Hong Kong Philippines Embassy.
  • The Philippines enters an Indefinite state of Martial Law & Spanish Forces gain Military control over the government along with Spanish Troops landing to help establish order and control & to wipe out the Insurrection.
  • For their complicities in treachery against the Philippines and her people, The Catholic church is evicted and disavowed in the Philippines for actively supporting insurgent forces and using their position to sway democratic forums against the Philippines, As a result their property is forfeit and Pope Daniel, Is declared the new pope of Catholicism in the North.
  • The Manila Fortification's are established and National travel is banned.
  • General Ocurtamemes Is promoted & crowned as 2nd Consul, And formally to 2nd Emperor of the Philippine Empire. Ending the nearly three year long reign of the Voxaco dynasty. Along with a collapse of civilization for many citizens in the capital, Manila wouldn't be recognizable to it's pre-war state resembling a heavily fortified Police state complete with tanks and APC's in the streets, Roadblocks and government asset's securely carted off to a safe undisclosed location.

Yearly Events

  • Filipino Anniversary
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Passover.
  • Thanksgiving.


Parliament Building with Victory Fountain Est. 2019

Parliament shot.png