Phuket (Classic)

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The Early Days

The early town of Phuket, originally created at an unknown date by an unknown person, contained as of prior to December 21st of '17 the pagoda style tower, of which is still standing today, several chests containing junk, two furnaces and a crafting table. Also at the time a canal was dug and a few cobblestone paths placed. But, overall the town was abandoned, with nothing other than an ideal place to start the new Phuket.

A New Town

On December 21st, 2017, TheAduriteGamer, a fairly new EarthMC player who owned the town of Vestviken on the west coast of Antarctica, (You can find it and loot it, I was too lazy to take all the stuff from my chests) decided that the Antarctic lifestyle was boring and lonely. The fact that hardly anyone lives there, there are few interactions, plus the challenges of having to import most food and other products were too much for him so he decided to found a new city somewhere warmer, where some interaction was possible but still lots of land up for grabs. So he browsed dynmap for a while to find the ideal spot and then boated out. At first, he considered the current location of Rakhine (Nation SouthernEmpire) and built a house and a small dock. Soon after he was exploring and found the abandoned chests and tower of the town Phuket and saw it better fit for a town with more jungle trees and a location for a useful canal.


A new nation, Malaya, is preparing to form. This nation will include the towns of Phuket, Melaka, Singapore and possibly Muar.