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Premium is a subscription rank on EarthMC released on March 24, 2020.

Here is the store page if you are interested in buying premium.

Premium is a paid rank that helps fund the server and its development. It ensures thousands of players can play the server for free. At EarthMC we believe that players should not be able to pay for progress, something that sets us apart from most other large servers out there. Gold, the server's currency, funds everything related to progress on the server. It's therefore not possible to pay real money for gold. Instead, we offer convenience for those who chose to support the server through premium. Premium has many convenient features that could upgrade your EarthMC experience.

Premium features​

Queue priority​

Race through the queue with premium. Premium players get their own queue which is much shorter. The queue alternates between letting players in from the normal queue and the premium queue. The average wait time for premium is less than 30 seconds.

Longer view distance​

Long view distance is resource heavy and therefore exclusive to premium. The actual view distance range can sometimes vary depending on server load, but is always at least 2 chunks more than what normal players have.

Double ender chest space​

Premium will give you access to a “large ender chest” which means your ender chest storage gets doubled. If your premium runs out, excess items will be moved to your inventory.

Lower ping​

With Cloudflare Argo we're able to offer you a premium network with up to 30% lower ping. It can be accessed by joining Cloudflare Argo is very expensive and therefore exclusive to premium players. It would cost us over 4000 USD per month to enable it for the entire network. The effects of Cloudflare Argo is more noticeable if you're playing from outside of Europe.

Change territory color​

Nation kings can change their map territory color from the default blue. The fill color and border color can be changed independently. Color options support predefined colors such as blue, yellow, red and green. It also supports any color in hex format for true color freedom.

Mystery crates​

A mystery crate contains one random cosmetic head item. It can be used for collecting and decoration. Everyone with premium receives 4 mystery crates every month. Mystery crates are also sold separately, 3 crates are worth 5 euro.

Early access​

EarthMC is very conservative with map resets. There have only been two resets over the past 5 years. Players with premium get early access to new maps which normally lasts for a week.

Powerful cosmetics​

Gold username in chat, ability to change chat name, pink glow in hub, tab list priority and ability to use any item as /hat.

Premium commands​

Command Description
/hat Use a held item as a hat
/fly Fly in the hub
/nick [name] or /nick off Set your nickname or clear it
/party create [name] Create a party, share mcMMO XP with your friends
/seen [player] See when someone was last online
/qs staff add [player] Hire staff for your shop's management
/qs staff remove [player] Remove player from your shop
/qs staff clear Purge all the staff players
/discord link Pink username on EMC discord
/ch join premium Join a private premium-only chat
/emcmap nationcolor [hex colour] Change dynmap territory fill color
/emcmap nationoutline [hex colour] Change dynmap territory border color

Buy premium​

Click here to buy premium now

The price is in euro because EarthMC is operated from Europe. The one-month option is a legacy subscription that can be cancelled easily. Either through your PayPal dashboard or by clicking the cancellation link in the payment confirmation e-mail. We can also manually cancel it for you, if you email [email protected]. The legacy subscription package is no longer available for purchase.