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"Repair allows you to use an iron block to repair armor and tools."

XP Gain

Repair tools or armor using the mcMMO Anvil. This is an iron block by default and should not be confused with the Vanilla Minecraft Anvil.

NOTE: current theory is that smelting iron in a furnace increases repair skill lvl, even if you do not collect iron from the furnace. Aparanoidbw (talk) 06:53, February 18, 2020 (UTC)


To look up stats in game type the following command in chat


To bring up in game help type the following command in chat

/repair ?

How can I use Repair

Place down a mcMMO Anvil and right-click to repair the item you're currently holding. This consumes 1 item on every use.

Note:  the "place mcMMO anvil" command does not appear to be available.  Perhaps this was modded by earthMC owner

Repair Mastery

Repair Mastery increases the repair amount. The extra amount repaired is influenced by your Repair skill level.

Super Repair

Super Repair is a passive ability. When repairing an item, it grants players a chance to repair an item with double effectiveness.

Arcane Forging

This passive ability allows you to repair items with a certain chance of maintaining its enchantments. The enchants may be kept at their existing levels, downgraded to a lower level, or lost entirely.