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Shia_chan (Formerly known as Maxifunseeker43), or Shia in short, is the nation leader of Han and Hong_Kong, one of the moderators of the server and the oldest active Chinese player in the server.

Early History

Shia joined this server on 18th March 2019. He (or she, depending to different stages of time in EMC) firstly spawned at somewhere in Siberia. He then walked to where Macau's located now and built the town after he joined the server for a week. On the next day he created Macau (then Macao), the town entered Qin Dynasty, and Shia became a colonist in Qin.

Being nation leader of Han

Shia created the capital of Han, Heng_an, on 12th July 2019.And he became the nation leader of Han since then.

A few days later, Shia officially become a girl in game and called herself the Empress of the nation.

Being moderator

Shia was selected to become a moderator on Mid-October 2019 and passed the trial one month later. She then acted as a full mod since then.

Being nation leader of Hong_Kong

Shia become the nation leader of Hong_Kong on 9th June 2020, after purchasing the city and the nation from the past owner Bee69 for 620g.


  • Shia is originally a boy in game, but decide to become a girl in game and changed his ign into the current one and changed his skin into a girl skin as a response to Han citizens' request of having an Empress for the nation, and prefer people to refer her as a girl afterwards
  • The name Shia_chan is originated from a character called Shia from the anime Pita-Ten
  • Shia is a Hongkonger in real life, so becoming the nation leader of Hong_Kong means a lot to her.
  • Shia is a good real life friend of A1azan, the mayor of Macau and one of the moderators.
  • Shia is now the oldest active Chinese player in the towny server, and is believed to be one of the oldest Chinese players in the towny server.

The official skin of Shia. Also being Shia's formal skin when attending activities and events. This skin is originated from Pita-Ten's Shia's costume.
Shia's current skin, used when she's on duty in normal occasion
Shia's skin when attending parties, or festivals
Shia's skin when attending ceremonies
Shia's current skin when she is on duty in events