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More information can be found on this user's classic wikipage, here


Space71 has played on EarthMC since December 13th, 2017, before EarthMC Terranova's release. He is also known as IanSpace71 or just Ian. He is the owner of the nation Solomon_Empire and mayor of the town Mergopolis. Both are located in the Solomon Islands.

Space's days on EarthMC Classic

Space71's first week on EarthMC was a chaotic one. His first day, he joined Osaka, a small town in Japan on EarthMC Classic, and after taking a ton of wood, iron, and leather armor, sailed across the pacific ocean from Japan. He landed on the west coast and swiftly ran away after seen Synargle or Syn in enchanted diamond armor. He would later join 73beetle's town Munich. He would stay in that town for around 2 days before sailing to the Solomon Islands to create his only town on EarthMC classic. The rest of his classic history can be seen on the EarthMC Classic wiki. The following text is copy+pasted from the EarthMC classic wiki.

"IanSpace71 is an EarthMC player that joined in December. He originally joined Osaka, but then later moved to Munich in Germany, staying there for a couple of days before sailing to the Solomon Islands to create his town. Ian originally named it Megapolis, after a fake city he made up in school, but later changed it to Mergopolis due to confusion with MegaOpolis, a Canadian city.

His town joined 2 nations: Hanza, and Sonlow, but eventually funded the nation of Mergopolia. The name was later changed to Oceania, and then to SolomonEmpire before Ian joined Germany, due to towns rapidly leaving the nation.

However, after 73Beetle(Amazing guy) started the German Revolution, many towns left the nation, including Ian's town Mergopolis. From there he went on to found the World Union, however, it was deleted due to stress from Japan and Alaska.

Ian's town then joined Russia, then bounced back and forth between Russia and Germany, gaining more and more residents. Then, due to a server glitch, he lost 203 gold. The amazing admin Brendan, however, gave him a random nation he made, becoming Ian's newest nation, The Empire of The Sea. This nation grew a bit, then became a vassal of Japan.

Ian then went on to create the newest sub-continent Solomonia. After declaring independence from Japan, Ian then went on to found the nation of Earthera, a strong globalist nation until its decline in late June of 2018. Ian now works on a project to build more land into the pacific, looks for expansion areas, and waits for a server reset"

The reset would come, and EarthMC Terranova would be released on the 1st of November, 2018.

Space71's time on EarthMC Terranova.

On the 31st of October, November 2018, Space had just finished trick or treating as a young lad. After checking the EarthMC discord, he realized that Terranova was out. He swiftly joined, noticing to his surprise, that the server was almost full with 100 people online. In the last days of EarthMC classic, there were around five players on at peek hours. He spent the next hour and a half sailing from Siberia, his spawn location, to the Solomon Islands. He then mined for a while, and after receiving a donation from Terra, the leader of France, was able to make his town Mergopolis the next day. Shortly after the founding of his town, he would start his EarthMC Youtube series, starting with episode one, "Terrorist Attacks" which showed the player Megafro placing lava outside the town. Over the next few months, Space would go on to create his first nation, the Solomon_Empire. This nation would grow larger and larger gaining more and more towns. Eventually, things would go wrong.

At around Christmas of 2018, amidst a war with Qing, a Chinese nation, FutureCW and his town, New Britain, would leave the nation, creating their own. This spelled the end for the Solomon Empire, as there were few active players left. Space71 would keep his nation for a while longer, before eventually selling his town Mergopolis and moving to Ireland. From here, Space would slowly become inactive, playing on other servers. He eventually moved from Ireland to Siberia, which didn't help him. With longer queue times and less and less reason to play, Space71 only logged on to preserve his town from the 42-day deletion barrier. When he did play EarthMC, it was mostly on Classic due to the long queue times.

Krby, a well known and active player, had gained control of Mergopolis, now known as Buka Island, and was willing to sell it back to Space71 for 300 gold. After around two months of inactivity and bargaining with staff to keep EarthMC classic alive with a working currency, he was becoming more active on Terranova. He bought Mergopolis for 150g, promising to pay back Krby in time, and began to rebuild his lost town. He was heartbroken to discover that all his builds from before he sold the town had been rolledback and put out of existence. Chunks were mined out of mountains, and the town looked almost nothing like it did before. The only remaining structures were part of a small tunnel, a roadway leading around the backside of the island, and a cobblestone hut on a nearby claimed island. But, he was eager to rebuild. He began to collect gold quickly from new players buying plots, then going inactive, and paid off his debt and eventually, on August 7th, 2019, he would once again own a nation. Mods were still doing nation transfers at this time, meaning a nation from Europe could be sold to someone in Asia. Space would buy the nation Wales and rename it to East_Micronesia, a name that brings back bad memories for many players.

Space had a new plan on EarthMC. With the player boost from the Toycat invasion and server-wide exclusion coming to an end, he was able to get into the server quicker. Space was lacking materials in his new town, there were little restrictions on spawn trapping, and he was bored. A dangerous combination. For the next four months, (August to November) Space would ruthlessly trap and kill any player that set foot in his nation, gaining gear, notoriety, and hatred. The player TheLionRuler became Space71's number 1 hater and began spreading propaganda against him, some of it straight out lies, some of it true. Space71 would then declare the war on Lithuania that still rages on at the date of writing. (March 22nd, 2020). During this four-month period of time, Space would raid, scam, and kill many players. Eventually, he began getting bored of this, and in a plot to regain some popularity, started the original SpaceCoin currency. While at first, it was a legitimate currency, it had many flaws, and this combined with the general mistrust of Space would lead the original SpaceCoin to be a failure, with players mass producing fake SpaceCoins to decrease its value. The coin was not protected by a written book or some measure to ensure it wasn't copied, simply taking the form of a renamed emerald. Eventually, Space would end his reign of terror by building a sign wall explaining himself and stopped scamming largely for good.

Today, Space still lives in Mergopolis, still uploads EarthMC youtube videos, but has, for the most part, recovered popularity from his history of scamming. He owns a bookstore and a pawnshop and cares for animals and crops. He goes to plant bamboo wherever he can after he devalued it by giving away the crop for free when it was newly introduced. He has recently restarted the SpaceCoin currency, though memories of the failure of the past SpaceCoin still haunt his progress, although the coin is now done through written books. He has queue priority so he can play often, supports an ongoing Irish revolution, and still enjoys playing EarthMC.

Accomplishments and related things

-Devaluing bamboo

-Owning two nations

-Building a self-sufficient town

-Making most of the player base hate him but recovering

-yeah that's about it lol

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