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Nation Colombia
Town Buenaventura
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Nation History

I'm Veyronity, also known as BVeyron2012, or the Totem King, since i own so many and popped few ;)

Early History

Week 1

I joined in December of 2022, on the 16th to be exact.I started my story somewhere in Minnesota, USA. I joined Mopugose12's town and he let me have a house, unbenknowst to him he had left town permissions ON for residents so i went inside his small shop and looted what i could fit inside my inventory, at this point here i thought all perms were ON for everyone so i didn't really think too much about it. Then around 3 days later I joined Annaba, a small town/nation in Africa, and buying a small 2 chunk house. I went out hunting that day into the wilderness, hoping to find a ruined town or any sight of civilization, by nighttime i had found a ruined town which had been also deleted, i tried to loot as much as i can but since it was night time there were mobs around, so i ran as fast as i could and teleported back /home. I put my loot away and slept for the night.

Month 1

I then slowly started knowing glitch_here, The King and Founder of Colombia thru trading and shopping. As time went on i asked if i could join his town, he kindly accepted my request and just like that my journey thru Colombia had started. (Theres too many events that happened that it'd take forever to say here, so I'll cut to the chase.) I opened my very first shop sometime around week 3, in Colombia /n spawn. Considering this was pre-premium, meaning i had JUST /vote money saved up and was barely worth 200g, when i made 150g in Week 1 of the shop i couldnt believe my eyes! Looking back now i realise how stupid that was, and that anything less than 1,500g isnt something to be surprsied about xD.


  After the 2 month mark, I quickly started considering Purchasing the premium rank for the server, which was 60$ at the time. I asked around and found out that I get "Mystery crates" which were worth 30g per at the time, and i would get 84 if i subscribed for a year. So thats what i did :). I bought 1 Year Premium and got my 84 crates, i instantly sold 80 of those for 2,400g to hoshi_sontyou, old owner of the nation OB. And just like that i was worth 2,500g without mining for a single day in my life, what did i do with the money you might ask? Well for starters i hid it in a chest at my house, because i didnt want anyone knowing i was worth some gold so that i wouldn't get scammed since i still somewhat didnt know all prices. Then i bought 5 Netherite Sets since i only had 1, along with tools and swords, after which i made my first step towards my Profession now: Trading. Specically "Flipping items" for a profit, basically buying an item and reselling it for more. That's what I do now, and the first step was when i resold a trident for 200g profit in 3 days, using that very same gold i had gotten thru premium mystery crates.
  Around a month later i had gotten to know more and more people of the active playerbase, and even made some friends, i was also worth around 4,000g at that point, but that was not enough for me, and I promised myself i would never mine for gold like a slave! So what i did was very simple: I played countless hours a week JUST to find good deals on items that i can resell easily for a profit. 

My Trading Journey

Over the course of the 8 months that have passed since i purhcased premium and had gotten those 2,400g, ive turned that mere 2.4k investment into over 35 THOUSAND gold net worth. This happened thru small investments, big investments, and MEGA investments. Im not going to state/go into detail about the small investments, but ill give you a few examples for the big/MEGA investments:

  1. 1 2,000g -> 4,400g

5 Spawners and 4 Blaze spawn eggs bought for 2k and resold for 4.4k

  1. 2 4,400g -> 5,000g

This one's a bit long, but Ill try to cut it short. Basically bought 12 Mystery crates bought for 18g, -> Traded for x item, -> x item + 200g -> Traded for a trident which i had sold for 800g

  1. 3 5,000g -> 20,000g

Mystery Crates. The biggest deal of all time. Easiest money in my life. Using the 5,000g i had saved up, i used every single ingot of it to buy Mystery crates for 10-15g per. Then resell for 25-30g per. Now you may ask: "how's that a 400% ROI?" Well simply i just sold some of what i bought, then bought more, and since i get around 2x return on each, i only needed to do this twice. 5,000g -> 10,000g then 10,000g -> 20,000g. Note: This was all due to people buying 1 year premium and getting 84 Mystery crates, i used to buy all regularly so there was somewhat low Supply.


Not many towns as you can see, but that's because i was more of a stable person than an explorer/town-hopper.

  • Minnesota
  • Annaba
  • Buenaventura