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General Information

Whitehall is a small farm town located near the Montana region, and run by Edejs. It was founded on January 5, 2018 and the town Founding Holiday is on January 8th. It consists of a newer and older town hall, the latter being the mayor's residence, three houses, a jail, a church, a storehouse, a small barn and pens for sheep and chickens. It is one of the few places that contains Podzol, most of which is under the protection of Canada, including the town. The town is situated in a Oak and Birch forested valley, between what are likely the Coastal Mountains and the Rocks Mountains. It contains a small pond, with the nearest other water source being the Atlantic west of the town.

Whitehall, as of 2/11/18



The town was founded in early January, after Edejs decided to leave the Russian town of Vuktyl and found his own town, eventually arriving in North America, just north of real-world Montana. The town, at first, was quite small, and remained so, gaining various buildings and its first sheep, purchased in Australia, and later, thanks to the hospitality of the surrounding Canadian nation, it gained more sheep, and soon chicken were found nearby. The town gained its second inhabitant on January 12th~, with the town joining Canada officially soon after, but the resident left on the 15th, not long after the new townhall had been completed. The mill was then completed a week later, and afterward the town went into a quiet state that extended into February.


It wasn't until early-mid February that the town saw movement, but was limited in this, as all of the surrounding territory had been put under Canadian protection.


The town is very country-like, with a culture not unlike those within real-world Montana, and that of the surrounding Canadian states, however the town differs in its music, prefering more early Jazz and Ragtime, to the expected country music. The primary religion is that of the United Methodist Church.