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There are in game rewards for the most dedicated wiki contributors and amateurs. These come in the form of heads. There are 8 tiers.

Basic Awards

These awards are the ones that can be attained by working hard adding content and maintaining the Wiki.

Wiki Novice

Reward 1.PNG

A contributor award for writing a fully legible Player, Town and Nation page.

Wiki Scribe

Reward 2.PNG

A contributor award for writing 15 different pages, showcasing diverse involvement and knowledge.

Wiki Scholar

Reward 3.PNG

A contributor award for creating or significantly improving a significant category with detailed and well structured information.

Wiki Luminary

Reward 4.PNG

A contributor award for editing over 100 wiki pages on the wiki, showing a comprehensive knowledge base.

Wiki Virtuoso

Reward 5.PNG

A contributor award for maintaining and regularly updating a prominent section of the Wiki over and extended period; Collaborating with other contributors on at least 3 Wiki related projects.

Advanced Awards

These awards will be personalised with your in game name at the time of awarding. These awards are for the leaders, meticulous historians and the technical wizards that grace the Wiki with their presence.

Wiki Visionary

Reward 6.PNG

A contributor award for leading 5 wiki related projects, contributing significantly to their success and fostering a collaborative community.

Wiki Luminescent

Reward 7.PNG

A contributor award for creating something technical that the EMC Wiki relies on for its daily use.

Wiki Timekeeper

Reward 8.PNG

A contributor award for consistently contributing to the Wiki for an extended period, dedicating unwavering dedication to EarthMC's historical preservation; Create and maintain a repository of interviews and first hand accounts from long-standing EarthMC players, adding a unique and personal perspective to the server's history.

How do I redeem these awards?

To redeem these awards, other than contributing to the EMC Wiki, you should collect the evidence of you doing these things and submit them to an EarthMC Wiki staff member (listed below). They will judge your performance and approve or disapprove your work. If you don't get awarded don't sweat it! Wiki staff members can guide you on your way to getting these awards.

Wiki Staff Members

  • Masrain

Award Recipients

Caption text
Reward Recipients
Wiki Novice Veyronity, Fluxeeh, GEGE123, iUpgrade
Wiki Scribe Veyronity
Wiki Scholar Veyronity
Wiki Virtuoso (List)
Wiki Luminary (List)
Wiki Visionary (List)
Wiki Luminescent (List)
Wiki Timekeeper (List)