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Coat of Arms
Albi Subdivision of Albi.png
Town Information
Full Name Principality of Albi
Towny Name Albi
/n list
Population 5
Chunks 66
Capital City
Largest City
Oldest City
Region Southern France
Government Information
Political System Feudal Principality
Duke susest
Local noble raegeon
Economic System
Army Size
Part of Poitou-Charentes
Historical Information
• Fouding of Albi 2023. 5. 5
• Construction of Albi Parliament 2023. 6. 20

Albi is a town located in Southern France. It is part of Poitou-Charentes since May 5th 2023.


Albi was founded in May 5th 2023.

First Albi Era

In May 5th of 2023, a town was founded in Southern France, it was called 'Albi'. Actually, nothing much happened during the First Albi Era. But one important thing was that the first flag of Albi was created during that time, it is still used with new Albi flag.

Labège Era

In May 25th, susest changed the name of the town to 'Labége', which is a neighborhood city of Toulouse in real life. Since it only lasted approximately 1 weeks, nothing much happened just like First Albi Era. But one notable event was that someone placed tnt minecart trap near Labége(now Albi) and the mayor died. The traps were removed by Poitou guys after couple hours.

Carcassonne Era

In May 31st, the mayor of Albi(susest) changed the name of town to Carcassonne, which marked the beginning of Albigensian prosper.

Short prosper

The peak of albigensian population was in june 15th, Albi had 13 residents. However, it didn't last long due to having extremely inactive members. But the legacy of prosper still remains, such as Albi Parliament, church of Saint-Sernin, 'skrrr_villiage', and other stuff.

Construction of Albi Parliament

Construction of Albi begun in June 20th of 2023 and finished in 24th and it was named after its district that located in the exact location of the parliament. At first the propsed members were this:

  • void7965
  • raegeon
  • susest
  • (blank)

But in 13 of September 2023 it was this:

  • void7965
  • raegeon
  • susest
  • dirtman8729
  • ryli22
  • edward_kwon
  • sungworl
  • piggybabnk

The first meeting took place in july 6th, and second one in 8th. Anyways, it is still major building of Albi and yet one of the 'great project' of Albi.

Establishment of Alto Aragon and Skrrr_Village

Both town were funded by the mayor of Carcassonne(now Albi), stayed in same realm as Albi, and most importantly they were propsed by the mayor of Carcassonne. So we'll include it here.

Alto Aragon

Alto Aragon was founded in July 7th of 2023 ,by sungworl1 who was notable user of Carcassonne, and funded by susest. It was located in Pyrenees and town of 'Pyrenees' now. Alto Aragon functioned as a strong fort and town of Poitou-Charentes. One of notable thing of Alto Aragon was that the town spawn of Alto Aragon. Actually it was stolen from former town of 'Andorra_la_Vella'. But the important thing is that it had potential to become one of the coolest town in the western europe.


Skrrr_village was founded in August 12th by Edward_kwon, who is friend of sungworl1(the founder of Alto Aragon). it was too late to be called 'founded during the golden age of albi' but still, let's include it since it has interesting things. Also, Skrrr_Village's actual name is 'skrrr_villiage' but we'll call it 'Skrrr_Village' is used more. Skrrr_Village is the main and biggest reason of Poitou-Spanish conflict, because it literally located in middle of Spain and Spain didn't like it at all. The conflict reached at its peak in approximately August 15th, when someone from spain faked himself as Edward_kwon and tricked someone from poitou into fall for the trap. So, poitou formed alliance with Aragon against spain but we'll stop talking about it since we are not in Poitou-Charentes document.

End of the short-prosper

As mentioned, the problem of having extremely inactive users eventually led to end of the prosper. At the end of Septembet of 2023, Carcassonne only had 2 residents despite of two cities sent by Carcassonnais colonists. Also, at the similar time the duke of Carcassonne became unroyal to Poitou-Charentes because of how inactive the nation was. It led to Carcassonne leaving the nation about a week, which lost trust of Poitou-Charentes for short time. Additionally, town of Alto Aragon was disbanded at the end of November due to being inactive, which truly marked the end of Carcassonnais prosper.

Second Albi Era

In 10th of November, the prince of Carcassonne announced that he will change the name of the town to its first name, Albi. Also, at that time the prince of Albi was becoming unroyal to the nation of Poitou-Charentes due to being extremely inactive. The thing is, he posted a vote about leaving Poitou-Charentes and joining the nation of Occitania which was neighboring new nation. With having big disagree from the government, he had to stay in the nation. At least the prince became slowly royal to the nation again after this event. And as mentioned in previous section, Alto Aragon was disbanded due to being extremely inactive. Also, Albi could survive the overclaim because Albi recruited few residents at very end of the december. Additionally, in 2024 January 4th, Albi announced that it formed alliance with a crusader state in middle east, County of Edessa, which will bring benefit to both principality and county.


Albi is located in southern france, at the end of Garonne river. Also, Albi is located at a very strategic, but also unstable location. It borders with Versailles, Toulouse, Andorra, Narbonne, and Royan. Albi can be a bridge to other big cities such as Royan and Versailles. But the problem is that Albi is surrounded by their 'decleared' enemies such as France, Ireland, or even Aquitaine. Narbonne is the only friendly town that borders Albi, but both towns are isloated in the region.


Spawn of Carcassonne, picture taken in 2023. 5. 28.

In Albi has church, marketplace, and city wall gates. Carcassonne has two castle gates: On Mauzé and Foix. In Foix there are workshop and military supplies storage. Finally, Albi has Storage 2.0 and Albi Parliament. Albi Parliament is one of the most important buildings in Carcassonne. But it's currently building. Construction started in June 20th. And it is still under construction.

Districts and vassals

Subdivision map of Albi, made in 2024. 2. 22
Flag Name Size Ruler
Albi Subdivision of Albi.png Viscounty of Albi 55 susest
County of Carcassonne 22 susest
Foix subdivisionofCarcassonne.png County of Foix 8 susest
Subdivision-Later albi Carcassonne.png County of Castres 4 raegeon
Flag of Rouergue.png County of Rouergue 7 iluatic
  • Albi Subdivision of Albi.png Albi - Direct territory of prince and it is the biggest district of the town.
  • Foix subdivisionofCarcassonne.png Foix - Newest district that is splited from district of Carcsssonne.
  • Subdivision-Later albi Carcassonne.png Castres - raegeon is ruling this territory and it is the smallest division of the town.

Currently, there are 5 subdivisions in Albi. For now, there are 2 divisions that is ruled under player except for the prince.

Notable players

  • susest - Founder of the town, prince of Albi FlagofAlbi.png, count of Foix Foix subdivisionofCarcassonne.png
  • raegeon - Count of Castres Subdivision-Later albi Carcassonne.png, and first resident to join the town
  • iluatic - Count of Rouergue Flag of Rouergue.png