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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Australian Empire
National Anthem
Name in Towny Australia
Population 243
Chunks 1838
/n list page 1
Capital City Albury
Largest City CampBanner.png Campbelltown
Oldest City Albury
Government Information
Leader SCOBlade's head.png SCOBlade
Prime Minister SCOBlade's head.png SCOBlade
Political System Monarchy with democratic characteristics
Economic System Capitalism
Official Language
Official Religion
Army Size
Part of Uosflag.png Union of Oceanian States
Historical Information
Past Leaders Crevel, OfficialOnion, Duzy_, BillyKaplan666, KehoeWan, Mike_Wong, Shellblu
Past Capitals Brisbane, Canberra, Wy. Cooma

Australia is a nation on EarthMC Terra Nova. It was briefly known as New_Australia.


The Australia Realm is bordered on the north by TerraAustralis and Oceania, on the west by Outback, Oz, SouthAustralia, and Nouvelle-Empiria, and on the south by Tasmania. It stretches across south of the real-life Australian state of New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. The continent Australia is located in the south-east part of the EarthMC Map in Oceania.


First Australia Realm

Original Australia

Australia, and with Canberra as its capital city, was first founded on November 6th, 2018, by Crevel - an irl Australian who had been planning a potential colony of Australia during the intermission of Classic and Terra Nova. Crevel had previously been a member of MLGTerra's Paris before using French funding to found Australia as a colony under the Seaterrican Commonwealth with France as its overlord (New Zealand had also been a colony under the very same commonwealth). Being that it was the very start of Terra Nova, Australia had come to be incredibly dormant. Lack of motivation and enthusiasm dissuaded further progress and future plans to build a Parliament House. The only builds that had been built was a low-quality spawn featuring a donation-hopper-chest, a treehouse, a railroad system, and a farm around a small lake. Following a few weeks of being dormant, Crevel decided he would try selling it so he could follow in Terra's footsteps and join his nation of ISIS. There was a problem however as nobody would want to purchase land that was so isolated and useless. This meant it had to be given away. OfficialONION was the only clear choice as he had been a citizen of Australia. Therefore the nation and its assets (although very little), had been given to OfficialONION and Crevel had set his foot into the Middle East with MLGTerra by his side.

Second Australia Realm

New Australia was founded on April 13, 2019, following the departure of its capital city, Canberra, from Tasmania. Under the leadership of Duzy_, New Australia grew rapidly, also benefiting from the Dormant Period of TerraAustralis. The towns of Sydney, Cooma and New Wadowice joined the nation on April 18, April 24 and April 29, 2019 respectively, while Greenway and Jindabyne were established on May 15 and May 18, 2019 respectively.

United Australia

Visit main article: United Australia
In May 2019, New Australia started negotiating with North Australia (formerly New Guinea) to form United Australia. TerraAustralis, The Kingdom of Australia and Western Australia later joined into the negotiations.

Growing Nation

On May 25, 2019, the town of Campbelltown, located north of Canberra joined New Australia. On the same day, Prime Minister JaVolimKatarinu left Canberra and established Alaredia west-northwest of the capital city. On May 27, 2019, Krakow on Cape Barren Island and Celestown in Queensland joined the nation. The joining of Melbourne is also being arranged.

New Australia started its merger with Brisbane, Australia on June 1, 2019, and completed on June 10, 2019. The original New Australia nation was sold to jemenik as Polish Tasmania.

United Australia Disbanded

On the 18th of June, Duzy_ disbanded United_Australia. High council members had disagreements, causing the downfall. TerraAustralis members and some Australia members have begun spreading propaganda about Duzy_. Duzy_ allegedly wanted to disband United_Australia earlier, but choosing to finally do so now after ScaryDragon/Thot called him a "liberal voter" in dms. Much more beef accumulated over time between Australia and TerraAustralis. Many alliances have been made, but they always end out badly.

Disbanding of Nation

In late 2019, Duzy_quit EarthMC, disbanding Canberra and moving the nation capital to Wy, owned by his friend BillyKaplan666. This noticeably bypassed a number of more active citizens as well as the rest of the government. BillyKaplan666 was mostly inactive, and upon the orders of Duzy_, disbanded the nation on the 19th of November 2019.

Third Australia Realm


Following the disbandment of Australia, it was immediately recreated by KehoeWan, and transferred to Mike_Wong, who would become the leader of the Third Australia Realm.

Third Australia Realm

The Third Australia Realm was plagued by inactivity, which led to a decline in the number of towns.

Fourth Australia Realm


On the 10th of April 2020, shellblu purchased the nation name 'Australia' from Mike_Wong following failed attempts to purchase the nation, and a failed attempt to pressure Mike_Wong into a transfer of power. All towns from the Third Australian realm (except for Cooma which as of the 28th of January 2021 remains independent) transferred to the Fourth Australia Realm.


Australia remained mostly stagnant, with limited active residents. It was primarily focused around the capital Albury, where the majority of the population and occasional active citizens resided. shellblu remained active for the majority of this period, however struggled to grow the nation beyond 11 towns, only being able to just keep it above 8 towns.

2020-2021 Summer Holidays

During the Australian summer holidays, there was a significant increase in towns, residents, and active citizens as Australian students were given a significant amount of free time, which was able to be capitalised upon by recruiters. This allowed the nation to boom to 25 towns and an all-time high of approximately 175 residents.

2021 February - July

The growth of the summer holidays would eventually die down, as school returned and fewer residents were able to find the time to regularly log on. Throughout the rest of the February-July period, the nation would swing between 15 and 20 towns, gradually losing them to inactive mayors no longer being accessible, and forgetfulness in reminding those that were still in contact to log on regularly. The April Autumn holidays would bring another spike in activity, however would not reach the same degree of prominence of the Summer holidays, and would not produce enough activity to bring about a sustainable community of regularly active citizens.

Regenerative Period, the Melbourne Conflict

Although not seeing the high population number of the previous Summer holidays, July brought the Winter holidays along with an extended COVID-19 lockdown in New South Wales. This fostered the appropriate environment for the return of prominent citizens such as SCOBlade, and meant that new mayors would have more time to settle into Australia, and become active citizens. This period is marked as distinctly more successful than the Summer holidays due to mayors other than shellblu recruiting, indicating a nation that was becoming more self-sufficient and less reliant on a single person. It also saw Australia's first genuine conflict in a year, where the province Lower_Australia declared independence from Australia after encouragement from Nubia. This declaration of independence was quickly met with the settlement of Bendigo and Ballarat in the area surrounding Melbourne, the capital of Lower_Australia, prompting a conclusion to the war less than 24 hours after it began. This was compounded by the large number of foreign nations that declared support for Australia, due in part to friendships with the leader shellblu, and a disliking for the Lower_Australian leader Beaverman1 for his history in North America. The conflict encouraged more activity in the nation, and was a launchpad through which the nation would continue to grow.

Nubian Tensions, Mid 2021 - November 2021

The conflict in Melbourne was part of the larger extended period of tension between Australia and Nubia. This was focused around the nation Great_Southern, located in Western Australia. From the Australian perspective, Great_Southern was a nation built from members of the Nubian community, and had been adopted into the Nubian sphere of influence as a colony in all ways except name.

Proponents of the Australian perspective pointed to Nubia's support of Lower_Australia as evidence of Nubia's colonial prospects, with Twomoo1119 admitting Nubian involvement was to place pressure on Great_Southern's local rival. The Nubian and Great Southern alternative was that Great Southern had been founded in open territory in Western Australia, and had improved the region due to the activity brought by 32Soup, and later Owltamer986's recruitment. Australian rebuttal pointed to vastly rural, although still existent Australian provinces and towns in the region. Nubians also justified support of Lower_Australia as a misinterpretation of 32Soup's words that Australia had previously threatened Great_Southern.

Notable events that occurred in this period:

  • Australia joining the Rajasa Pact, and general Rajasa support against Nubia
  • Melbourne conflict followed by the Treaty of Emu Point, signed by Nubia, Great_Southern, and Australia. Notably excluded Lower_Australia.
  • The nations of Nullarbor and Outback joining Great_Southern
  • The purchase of WesternAustralia, an Austrailan province, by Great_Southern
  • Great_Southern towns encroaching into Australia's Gascoyne province

This period ended with Australia's purchase of Great_Southern for 4200 gold, with many Great_Southern mayors leaving their towns for other continents, with the notable exception of ShadowVoider.

Rebel nations November 2021 - January 2022

Australia was later pockmarked with numerous young rebel nations, spawned from foreign influence, and dissatisfaction over the difficulty to ascend political positions. Much of the nation's growth was seen in the new province of Great_Southern which was later renamed to WesternAustraila, and led by Magg27. There was also minor growth in the province of Gascoyne which was renamed to Kimberley and led by jacjacheed.

This period saw substantial tension between Monsigneur_Adam and his nation of Long_Bay, and later also expanded to include the Victorian Empire. To Australians, Adam was seen as a warmonger and imperialist trying to pick away at Australian hegemony by encouraging and cultivating rebel nations within Australia, often through the Sunbelt Alliance, which was interpreted as Adam's loose confederation of aligned nations. To French Australians, Australia was supposedly seen as a bully that restricted the independence of other nations, and unreasonably paranoid over Nubian influence.

These rebel nations included Down_Under led by thebandit08 in Sydney, Lake_Torrens led by RomantheReeman in Whyalla, and New_Holland led by ShadowVoider in New_Amsterdam. Of these, New_Holland was the most disruptive due to Shadow's competence as a recruiter and leader. New_Holland's claim for independence was supposedly in retaliation to Australian "cultural genocide" of Great_Southern and Dutch culture.

Notable events that occurred against New_Holland:

  • Extensive and expensive claimblock war
  • Australians accusing moderator Barbay1 of moderator bias in deleting Australian towns such as Howick for violation of claimblock rules
  • Failed Australian spies in New_Holland
  • Increased toxicity between WesternAustralia and New_Holland, with NewHollander Maxxiimus being warned for racial slurs
  • New_Holland rebel nation Greater_Victoria joining Australia as a province

This claim war is still ongoing, and have led to the majority of SouthWestern Australia (continent) being claimed. No official conflict has been declared.

Tensions with French Australia November 2021 - January 2022

Simultaneously, Australia was struggling with Monsigneur_Adam and the rapid growth of the Victorian Empire. Australia and Victoria ultimately came to odds when Long_Bay joined Victoria as a province. These culminated with Australia threatening war with only Long_Bay within the Victorian Empire after the town Saint-Denis was placed within Australian territory. To Australia, this was seen as the last straw of Adam's constant disrespect and annoyance, while Adam contested by claiming it had been an accident.

On the 21st of January 2022, Australia nearly came to war with the Victorian Empire. Australia planted 2 towns within Long_Bay territory in retaliation for Saint-Denis: Horsens2 and Adelaide. Australian terms to avoid war were that Saint-Denis and horsens2 were to be disbanded, with Australian keeping Adelaide as punishment, which Adam at first rejected, mocking shellblu's attempt to "punish" Adam. Negotations eventually were taken away from Adam, and instead done with Swed_ish, a diplomat within Victoria, and Australian terms were agreed to. Additional problems came when the Victorian establishment rejected Adelaide's position due to ancestral claims to the South Australian coastline of the continent. Translation errors and general misunderstandings meant that Victoria declared that a treaty had been signed with Australia including substantial Australian concessions of territory in exchange for Adelaide. Although these terms had been discussed, they had not formally been agreed upon.

Negotiations were upturned when shellblu resigned as King of Australia on the 24th of January.

The Age of SCOBlade 2022 January - April

The sudden transition of power between shellblu and SCOBlade meant that relations between VIctoria and Australia could be reset, and tensions died down as each nation focused inwards for expansion and growth. This period is still ongoing, although is disrupted by the release of Terra Aurora.


Australia's official military association is the Australia Defence Force. It was originally formed and organized by GreenmanYT and KehoeWan.

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List of towns

Lorne, Armidale, Meereen, Fish_Town, Luxudor, Athishire, Campbelltown, East_Tasmania, Balls_Head, Wilcannia, Melbourne, Bega, S.RSDP, Newcastle, woodside, LakeCity, dogvile, Albury, Starcke, Parramatta, The_Dust, Capital_Hill, Emerald_Port, Caulfield.

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