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Origin of the battle

The beginning of the conflict was on August 12, when delgado61 was building a map art. Three inhabitants of the nation of Asia arrived, killing him, after further inspection, the map art was grief and the water elevator up was altered. After investigations, two of the three individuals were identified as thecactusjarod and sheerifwoody, later it was revealed the third attacker was BuzzLightyer. In order not to suffer this again, the nation of Asia was set as an enemy, but this was ineffective becauee Asia was enemied under their former name Zerena. 3 days later on August 15, they returned to Iceland for an assault from the sea. But this time they were spotted. This was too much for the leader of Godthab, RASPUTIN54, so he called on all the available population to take up arms and join him in defense, QJWIN his prime minister and the general of the nation took command of the army. These pirates saw that their 'preys' were preparing and were much more numerous so they also called their allies. They walked along the coast and infiltrated through a sewer drain and arrived at the bridge at the southwest entrance to the residential area of Tasiilaq. The defenders arrived, leaving from the castle of the ministers and from the center of the residential district to intercept them, the fight with one another was soon to begin.

Seen of the battlefield from the dynamap

The Battle

The Godthabian troops positioned themselves to the west of the bridge, while the aggressors settled in the east. The pvp was activated on the bridge and the fighting began, after a while, two soldiers of Tasiilaq were killed. Indeed they had no god items and could not resist for long the violent attacks of the pirates. While the fight did not leave either side victorious at this time. Later, while the attackers replenished potions, the defenders took the opportunity to reorganize it and inflict heavy damage during the second attack of the pirate's thanks to the archers. Indeed, 3 of the defenders are part of the top 10 of the best archer of the server, which did a lot of damage while RASPUTIN54 protected them with his shield. It then appeared that in order to win, it was necessary to cut off the supply of potions to the attackers. This logistical support was provided by SherriffWoody and BuzzLightyer, these actions allowed the aggressor to be able to keep their combat efficiency at their maximum. A violent attack aimed at killing this logistic support was carried out brilliantly in the first place and allowed to kill this support (one of these supports was killed by friendly fire). Player 4_oX also known as _Mocc found a hole at Godthab‘a nation spawn allowing players to refill pots and repair armor without SherriffWoody and Buzzlightyer.  

Fight on the bridge

But the fighting was moving into the heart of the district, which was disadvantageous for the defenders, not being able to use their bow to the best of their ability, the attackers began to gain the advantage.The hardest blow for the defenders was the death of General QJWIN, who lost 8 hearts instantly due to server lag. This brought down the morale of some of the troops, while the rest attacked with even more vehemence. After a while, the fighting was more sporadic and the lag much more present than at the beginning of the battle, making the fighting too erratic. So the battle ended.

Combat in the town


Each of the two camps claimed victory. And after analyzing the battle, it becomes that the aggressors won the battle. It appeared at the end of the battle that the focus of the Asian nation had changed, or at least was not the same as the Godthab administration thought. This misunderstanding is easily understandable because the map art workers were attacked 3 days earlier. It was therefore also a loss for Godthab as the pirates acquired QJWIN’s godset and assorted god items.

Logistical support of attackers


After speaking with ColdSoldier, it appears that he was unaware of the original purpose of these comrades, but supports TheCactusJarod‘s decisions as a loyal member of Asia. Being map art builders themselves, ColdSoldier said to RASPUTIN54,” Well we don't attack people building map art“ and he apologize for the attack on the map art workers, these statements are therefore contradictory. After speaking with TheCactusJarod he states, “We won’t attack Godthab map makers or builders as long as Godthab doesn’t spread false information or provoke Asia", For the Godthabian government, "this nonsense in which the Godthab is a neutral nation in all points and does not come to seek war without its own citizens being attacked". Finally, ColdSoldier's apology for the attack on map art workers is seen as a diplomatic victory for the Godthab.

But for the Godthab this fight was beneficial. It allows to see the qualities and the defects of the army by anticipating the avenue of the future plugin war in the towny. Army reforms are underway to address the lack of god set (3 of Tasiilaq's soldiers didn't have a god set), as well as lack of supply of potions was felt in the middle of the battle. Stocks will therefore be better constituted.

Battle of the Bridge, seen from the attackers side