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NOTE: This is a fallen town, what you are looking at is before it fell. Have a good day.

Eastan is a town in east Asia with population of 3 with ImperialShiro being leader


Eastan is town that used to have the population of 20+ (Most being inactive) , but then ImperialShiro quitted emc, then made eastan being inactive town. Most residents got info-cleared and no longer exist on emc. On the 4/12/2021 ImperialShiro came back to revive the dream of unifying china.

Current History 


ImperialShiro Used to be in spain but they decided to live in peace by creating their own town and make a nation but the position of the town was too mountainous. they decided to clear it by flattening the place with stones layer


The town has fallen due to ImperialShiro leaving to found Shirihama, then Krimeria became inactive, leading to the collapse of the town. Anything below and above this is outdated due to preservation of the page.


There's no current building yet but ImperialShiro are planning to make the chinese traditional building with help from Krimeria

Notable People


Eastan has neighbours of 3, "Yunnan, Indochina, and Other chinese warlords"