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Francia was created by Thanamos on the 14th March 2021. Francia sees it's self as the legitimate France as its government was elected by the French people but split in game due to long standing disagreements with the then king of France cactusinapumpkin. These include him disregarding a vote, that passed, to remove him as leader of the nation. The current leader is CorbeauNoiraud.

Political organization

The political system

The kingdom of Francia adopts the ideology of combining the old France monarchy and the mechanism of the server. It relies on a strong leadership leaded by a single person and the "absolute power" of the locals lords (the mayors).

In the kingdom of Francia, there is a king who have absolute power over his subjects. Every member of the nation swear allegiance to the king in exchange of protection. Locals lords acts as middle man between the king and his subjects. There is a land nobility and a war nobility. The Dukes, Earls and Barons are the land nobility, they have priviledge over their land in the name of the king. The knights are those who fight for the king and their lords. They have specifics priviledge but cannot own land.

The kingdom is split in Duchies who are the "towns". Each duchy can be internally spliten in different earldom and barrony depending of the size. The current council of Francia is:

  • King : CorbeauNoiraud
  • Prime minister : Baron Jivaa
  • Chancellor : /
  • Secretary of State: Prince Thanamos
  • Marshall of France : Baron Lamye III
  • Superintendant of Buildings : Archev√™que Henricky
  • General comptroller of Finances : Count Jean leroux

Anthem of the Kingdom:


Origins of the foundation of Francia

The causes of the founding of the kingdom of Francia are numerous and need to be dealt with individually. Historians have identified four major causes: an institutional crisis, a political crisis, a relational crisis and a sociological crisis.

The insitutional crisis : the fall of French royal power

France having recently adopted a new constitution seemed to be relaunched on good foundations in order to restore to the crown a power which had been lost for a long time. The february constitution approved by 82% of the french population and written by the royalist were an another attempt to give back to the king of France "Cactusinapumpkin" a new power. Nevertheless, the action of cactusinapumpkin to give in to the whims of the Republicans and to flout the constitution by refusing to apply it to himself an to the french people makes any attempt of governance impossible in France. Power had become vacant and no more reform could be enacted. The king had sort of shot himself in the foot by refusing to reign. This consequence led to the fall of the French government and its institutions.

The political crisis: the struggle betweens royalist and republicains

French policy has been marked for a year by an internal struggle between two visions. Those who want a strong power concentrated around a single person and who acts rationally with the very functioning of the server and the towny plugin: the royalists. And those who aspire to Republican idealism and the choice of a fragile compromise to the detriment of efficiency: the Republicans. These two antagonistic visions of French society lead to different results in play. The long reign of the republic in France brought about a long period of stagnation and inactivity.

The relationnal crisis: The rise of the cactusians.

Some might have heard about the term "cactusians". It refers to a group of people who rather act as a toxic group at the same ligneage as the king "cactusinapumpkin". These group rise with leaders like Straw_InTurtles and will do all they can to be toxic and prevent any attempt of dynamic and prosperity for their own enjoyment. This create a situation where boths group couldn't play together because of some childish attitude of the cactusians.

The sociological crisis: "Le grand remplacement"

A phenomenon of a "grand remplacement" happens during the first three months of 2021. As we all know France was majoritly composed of "American" players. But a great immigration came composed of mostly french people. Those people does not speak english and doesn't recognize themselves culturaly on the american government. The conception of democracy,republic and power was totally different and cause trouble which end in chaos.

I. The birth of the Kingdom of Francia.

I.I. The revolt of the Franks.

I.II. The first steps of the conflicts between France and Francia

I.III. The treaty of Harfleur and the cease-fire of the civil war.

II. The resumption of hostilities and the fall of the France crown.