Frankfurt (Rhineland Era)

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Central Frankfurt - The area around the spawn, not much else to say. Will include a bank, a shop and the town hall as well as government offices.

Residential Zones - The main area where houses, shops and farms are present.

Bitchefurt - An exclave of Frankfurt built in the former town of Bitche.

Bonne and Treaties

On the 22nd of April the Bonne and Frankfurt towns started diplomatic relations. They established a border and visited each other's towns.

Months later, (At this point the Rhineland had risen and fallen twice) the term Bonnefurt was made, and the two towns created a union between each other, although this didn't effect anything.

Burial Traditions

Frankfurt has a very strange tradition in which, when one of the two mayors is AFK, the other one will burry them under the ground or under a pile of dirt.

Takeover and Destruction

After years of inhabiting Frankfurt, the mayors of Frankfurt found themselves surrounded, bored and being pressured by german authorities to hand over their land. They did so, moving to Poland and handing the town to a german mayor. The german mayor proceeded to completely destroy every single historic structure within the premises. The city would later on be assimilated into Ulm, being completely wiped from history.

Historical Flags and Pictures

Military History

Frankfurt has gone through quite a few wars, although most haven't been major.

Rhinelander-Prussian War

This war was hardly a war at all. In the time when a weak Second Rhine Confederation was attempting to grow, The German Empire said that it didn't recognize the Rhineland, so in a dumb move Blockforcer declared war, nothing happened except some battles in discord.

Rhinelander War On Terrorists

Frankfurt with support from Bonne has been fighting terrorists since the dawn of time. Griefers, murderers and other types of people threaten Frankfurt and it's allies.

Attack One: A griefer came into Frankfurt, attacked it's allies and lavacasted an ice road.

Attack Two: A citizen from France attacked New Liechtenstein, a member of the Rhineland, Bonne and Frankfurt send support and a war was fought in the sky, with each side building towers. All casualties were from fall damage, eventually after killing the french citizen enough, he finally raised the french flag (A purely white banner) and left.

Attack Three: The same griefer from Attack One attacks New Liechtenstein, griefing a bunch of it, before being reported and banned for a few days.