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TRH Guineapigplays
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Nation Rhodesia
Town Salisbury
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Political Party Rhodesian Front
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Guineapigplays is a British General, 1st Count of Flintshire and member of the Grosvenor family.

Military life

Guineapigplays has fought in many battles, his first being the Battle of Lundegrend, which he fought in as an ordinary soldier.

Since being awarded the rank of General by the King, he has fought in multiple battles, the Faroes War, the Battle of Sussex, the first Qin raid, the Troubles and the siege of Warsaw.

The deed he is most proud of is saving a spectator in the siege of Warsaw, where he knocked off a Polish soldier who was about to kill a spectator off a wall to his death.


Guineapigplays first became involved in politics when the King announced that the houses of parliament would be opened as a government. 3 political parties were made: General Swooooop's Conservative party, General Guineapigplays' Whig party and Chief Crazygateway's Green party.

The Conservative party was disbanded when Swooooop left the server on 1st December 2018, under the name Joel55. Crazygateway has been inactive for several weeks, making winning the next election certain, however CosmicPanther15, mayor of Land's End created UKIP, a rival, which was quickly disbanded. Whig was sure to win, however His Majesty MineHero43 I, cancelled elections, saying he 'would decide when they would occur'.

Whig Party and it's Policies

The Whig party is based off the real life 1700s British Political 'The Whigs', who were supported by King George I and King George II.

A new ideology: Britishism

On 20th December 2018, Guineapigplays decided that Britain needed a new ideology: Britishism. However, most people did not accept Britishism and instead chose to continue with the old Accordist ideology.



Britishism says a military state (similar to the real life 1700s and 1800s Prussia) with the British monarch as its head, but still having a parliament, is the correct leadership.

The monarch of Britain on EarthMC is the rightful ruler.


The national religion of a Britishist nation must be either:

Catholicism -Pope

Anglicanism -Archbishop of Canterbury


In February 2019, Guinea moved to the US. After residing their for 2 weeks, he left for South_Africa, but left to travel to the British Raj after a month of living in Pretoria. He left India shortly after, and returned to Britain. He resided there for 2 weeks but soon decided to settle down in Rhodesia. After the original Rhodesia collapsed, he made a town where Rhodesia once stood called Salisbury. Finally, on the 21st of July 2019, he bought South Africa and the capital was moved to Salisbury. The nation was then renamed to Rhodesia.


'Somebody shoot that damn Pole!' (When ordering troops to fire at a Polish General in the Siege of Warsaw)

'You could give me a dozen men, and the enemy would be retreating within the hour. You could give me a sword, and I would be retreating within the minute.'