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Template:A National InfoboxGermany, also known as the original German Empire, is a country in Central and Western Europe. It was officially formed on paper after the announcement of German Unification on the 13th of January 2020 between the regent of the French realm 32Benja and the mayor of Ulm, Heinikin34. Heinikin34 was thereafter crowned as the Kaiser of Germany. It is a nation based on the in-real-life German Empire that existed from 1871~1919, and as such, its political system and economic system have huge similarities, such as the existence of the Reichstag (Imperial Diet).



On the 6th of January, the former Kaiser of the German Empire, Frederick III re-emerged on discord and accused AurelianCraft of stealing the throne and that he had been stripped of his successor title. This began the Imperial German Civil War, which was mostly battles in discord, but some physical battles are starting to take place. Sometime later on the 13th of January, Almost all towns of the German Empire left the inactive nation for Germany.

Heinikin34's Regime

Heinikin34 rose to prominence within the German Empire after his town, Ulm, became the largest German Imperial possession in Southern Germany and Aurelian crowned him the King of Bavaria for his achievements. He did a lot for the German Empire and for his services Frederick III nominated him as the true Kronprinz with Kranzy of Hannover being his successor. With the announcement of German Unification and the relocation of the capital city to Ulm, Heinikin34 and Kranzy worked together to make Germany a truly great nation. Most (not all) towns flocked to the Empire of Germany and German colonies in the form of colonial nations are being reformed.

The Betrayal and rise of BamBam

On the 21st of April, Kranzy banned Heinikin34 from the German discord, BamBam immediately worked with Heinikin creating a completely new discord for Germany, naming Kranzy as a traitor. Soon after, Kranzy was removed as both Kronzprinz and Kanzler, for Kronprinz, JustNinja02 was appointed, and for Kanzler, BamBam was elected as the first elected Kanzler of post-revolution Germany.

Imperial ambitions and War with Poland

Soon after BamBam was elected, BamBam declared war upon Poland under the justification of continous threats and claiming of land that Germany did too, they were quickly joined in the war by their allies Austria and the Rio Grande, fighting many large battles. The expansion of Germany was not only set in Poland though, and multiple nations like Switzerland, Nyasa and Congo (Nyasa and Congo combined as Mittelafrika) all joined Germany as Kingdoms and colonies.

The Decline

Following the Kanzler Election BamBam had lost to UghBraces losing the support of nearly his entire Cabinett. The only thing passed by UghBraces was giving the Kanzler complete command of the German Imperial Military and the start of a new Recruitment Campaign. Germany had also fully joined the syndicate at this time. Feeling that Germany no longer needed him BamBam Left Germany to retire in Yellowstone. Soon after Braces left Germany for sri lanka leaving a power vacuum. Nethrie Took over as replacement Kanzler the next day. Heinikin a few days later stated he was quitting EMC because he wasn't interested in it anymore and Serhugenuts was named Kaiser. The Nyasa and Congo colonies left during this time as well.

Attempts at "peace"

Kratzzi was voted in as Kanzler on the first of July and a general sense of ending of the Polish war was wanted. Nethrie started anti-war movements in the nation stating that BamBam had declared war with no merit and hence made it an illegal war. Peace Talks open and it was agreed that the two nation would "Merge" and Poland would pay war reparations of 400G. Not even a day later Serhugenuts came out and said that the union was an attempt to take gold from the polish which had worked and continued the war.


Sidon of Switzerland is elected as Kanzler of Germany.

Sidon served as Kanzler throughout the month of August.

Return of Bambam

BamBam returned and ran for Kanzler in September, defeating Sidon, Superior Glitch, and Ch_ad to be re-elected Kanzler. The main events under BamBams month as Kanzler was the beginning of the German-France war on the 11th September, and the signing of a Non-Agression pact with Britain on the 19th. BamBam chose not to run for re-election at the end of the month, and instead focus on the creation of his new Minecraft server, Crusade Craft.

Return of Heinikin34

Heinikin began to increase in activity and restarted playing EMC around August-September, He then defeated Mr Pancake, Nethrie and pokemaster101 and won the Kanzler election for October. His reign has mostly involved continuation of the war with France, the resignation of Kratzzi as Kronprinz (And subsequent ascension of Sidon), and the signing of a Non-Aggression pact with Spain. His month as Kanzler saw increase claiming of French towns, however also saw the beginning of the mass exodus of multiple old and famous German veterans to Crusade Craft, a rival towny earth server established by BamBam.

The 2nd Decline.

Leaders after October

[This is a stub I will expand at a later date] November = Coolcongaming December = Bunnyrich January = KaiserAdrianII February = Pokemaster101


The Empire of Germany preserved its political structure from the German Empire, with a Kaiser being the official leader of the nation, and a Reichstag and Reichskanzler to assist the Kaiser in his decisions. As of now, the position of Reichskanzler is held by Bekirr of Poland. Leaders of colonial nations are granted the title of K├Ânig (King). Each mayor of the Empire of Germany has a Senatorenen (Senators) position and they can vote on things in the Reichstag.


The military of the Empire of Germany is known as the Deutsches Heer. The current leader of German military is Pokemaster01.

The main players from the Germany military were: Sidon, 32Red and OCurtaMemes until the 2nd Decline

German Realm

The German Realm is an alliance between: Germany, her Kingdoms and Colony's. Current Kingdoms of Germany is-Switzerland (New). Current Colony's of Germany are: none.


Germany is allied with the following nations:

- Austria (Europa Pact)

- France (Europa Pact)

- GRE (Europa Pact)

- Spain (Europa Pact)

- Terra Mariana (Europa Pact)

- Switzerland (New) (As a Kingdom)

Enemy Nations

Germany is at war with the following nations :

- Poland

- Tasmania

- H.R.E.

- German_Empire