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Grand Canyon, officially the Grand Canyon Empire, was a nation founded by da_awesome_mc on June 26th, 2019. The nation originally was planned to have three Co-Emperors, but after one resigned, da_awesome_mc and josfire18 remain as the two Co-Emperors.

As of 25th October, josfire18 has claimed sole ownership of the Grand Canyon.


  War with Cascadia

On June 30th, 2019, Cascadia and their provinces declared war on Grand Canyon based on the controversial killing of AmericanTaco. The war only saw two major events and its result is considered a white peace.

Battle of Phoenix

Three Cascadian troops began walking around Grand Canyon's capital, Mountain Ridge. The group attacked a GrandCanyon resident, who hid in Maryale's claims. Two Grand Canyon troops joined in a 3v3, although one more Cascadian would join later on. Grand Canyon troops would then retreat back to Mountain Ridge following a Grand Canyon troop dying.

Tahoe Skirmish 

A Grand Canyon troop attacked a cattle transporter on the evening of July 11th, causing the transporter to log. More Grand Canyon troops joined and some Cascadian troops went to Lake Tahoe for the skirmish. A Grand Canyon and Cascadian troop later had a friendly encounter, which led the way for peace talks. 

Peace and End of the War

On the night of July 11th, 2019, 3 Grand Canyon and 2 Cascadian diplomats made a group chat to negotiate for peace. They agreed that Grand Canyon would give back potentially lost god tools to AmericanTaco, and Maryale wouldn't expand eastward. This makes the war last from June 30th to July 11th.

Post-war Grand Canyon

After the war, Grand Canyon began to focus more on their trade ambition and their n spawn shop. Currently, they're a general shop that sells general stuff, exotic items, nether items, god tools, and much more.


The Grand Canyon Empire has two Co-Emperors, who serve as the heads of state. They have a president who is democratically elected every month and has the same executive power as the Co-Emperors, and a Senate which is the main legislative body in the Empire. As of July 16, the Senate is drafting a constitution for the nation.

As of October 25th, Josfire18 has transformed the Government to an Absolute Monarchy.


Since the end of the Cascadian war, GrandCanyon has demilitarised. However, GrandCanyon still has conscription and secret military drilling plans.

Notable People

1. da_awesome_mc, Previous co-emperor of the grand canyon

2. josfire18, Now sole emperor of the grand canyon

3. guapstar, unofficial economic minister and generally significant individual. (Now Deposed)

4. K33nedik, mayor and senator of the GrandCanyon

5. H3X_Caster, mayor, senator, close friends with both Co Emperors and generally significant individual. . .