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Greater Russia is a young nation created durring the Flooding Era and is rule by Karatoss together with Betaking,Socom56.

The nation control the south part of Russia and his neigbourg are : SPQR,Saratov,Greater Armenia.


Early History

Before creating his own nation, Volgograd has join Georgia the 27/26/2019, they had leave this nation before joinning Theodoro part of GRE

The Steal of FuzeCity

the 20 of July, Karatoss & Betaking where wandering in the FuzeCity, trying to kill some fuzefag, for a reason not know today, some chunk of the Headquarter where accessible to everyone, thus those 2 has manage to steal : 4 beacon, all the Iron making it up, and a full chest.

There have been an attempt to get back those Beacon by Julien_1800 but those as fail. The beacon where sold 110 one (named FuzeBeacon), and one where give it to the city of Canberra in planning to the future war museum alongside the other stolen gold and Fuzes plane, but this has never been done, and the last FuzeBeacon has been lost during the sack of Canberra.

The sold of the beacon has permit to buy the future nation, know has Greater Russia

picture of Karatoss & Betaking
picture of all the stolen good

Main History

Greater Russia was previously know as Theodoro owned by Fritz of the GRE. Karatoss & Betaking has buy the nation for 650 golds, after various name proposal, (Cossack_Empire,Russian_Federation) the name, Greater_Russia was adopted. .