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Coat of Arms
National Information
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Towny Name
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National Anthem
Capital City Conakry
Largest City
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System
Provinces • Province of Guinea

• Province of Senegal • Province of Sierra Leone • Province of Ghana

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Historical Information

Guinea dead fuckers - GMJ

(Rest in peace my beloved Guinea, you had no hope. It wasn't Nubia that made you fall, it was myself. You will be forever in our hearts.)

Guinea is located in Western Africa takes up the majority of the sub-Saharan jungles of grasslands of the West, bordered by Senegal to the North and Mali to the East. It is led by King TheGMJ, the Chancellor (an individual elected by the people of Guinea in the Chancellor Elections, once every 2 months), and the Governors of each province. Guinea's territory stretches through the real life countries of Guinea all the way to Ghana and is split up into 4 provinces - Guinea, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Ghana.


To this day, the majority of Guinea's territorial disputes have been resolved with the claims only bordering two other nations, Senegal and Mali. In the North-West, Senegal owns a small section of the sub-Saharan jungle, ending at the border created by the Casamance river - this then reaches the River Gambie, marking the rest of the border. Mali claims a small area of jungle where the capital is situated, the border between Mali and Guinea roughly follows the town of Bamako.

The claims of Guinea as well the borders of each governed province.

Due to many of the nations that once shared this area falling, Guinea has annexed lands once claimed by others - leading to a dramatic increase in territory, riches and power in the last several months. The only "dispute" of any kind over land is the exclave of Cape Verde's town of Monrovia, situated South of the capital, Conakry. Due to the inactivity of the Mayor and close ties between the two nations, the existence of this town has not been seen as a threat, rather an inconvenience.