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Balladonia is a settlement in rural south-eastern Western Australia created by ItzRtqx in April 2023. It currently consists of only a town hall spawn building and is a one-chunk town. However there are future plans to make Balladonia the official base of "The Resistance" a hypothetical organisation committed to the reclamation of Perth from the current owners, who are deemed by the resistance as illegitimate and useless, with no evidence of building in any of their claims.

Currently, Balladonia is small, but hopes to expand into the outback and towards the sea with more citizens. Although gold was once plentiful in the region, supplies have been run dry by prospectors from Melbourne and WA. Situated beneath the town is a Lush biome, and west of the town there is a poster of singer Rick Astley, known for his infamous song,"Never Gonna Give You Up" which led to the prank of "Rickrolling".

A Dynmap capture of Balladonia shortly before its official creation on April 11th 2023. Note the Rick Astley poster and partially completed spawn building The red dot symbolises Balladonia's location in Western Australia. The black chunks are dynmap glitches with an unknown cause.