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Ireland is a nation in North Western Europe. It resides on the southwest of the island of Ireland and parts of Iceland.

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The nation's history is unclear, due to a lack of historical records. It is thought that in the past, Ireland constituted 4 cities (Castlerea, Donegal, Staigue Fort, and Cork), all of which were sold off and no longer exist. However in recent history, Tralee fell and became glencar, then Ossory. Aerfort held waterford, the capital of Ireland, until it fell and Dublin claimed over it. After its fall, Ireland was refounded on March 18th 2020, under UghBraces and IamGawain. Ossory became the capital, and then went on to claim over the fallen city of Killarney.

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Ireland in the Current Era

Template:Battle template Template:Battle template Template:Battle template Ireland now consists of 6 towns: Ossory, the capital residing on the southern tip of Ireland. New Shannon, New Cashel, New Galway, and New Kildare reside on Iceland's southern shoreline. Finally Big MT a submarine that resides in the Atlantic. Under the leadership of IamGawain, the nation has transitioned into a new era of resurgence. It has reached out to nations in trade and alliances and is capable of attracting new residents if it wishes to do so. On April 20th 2020 the country held its first vote and the first Dáil was formed. Elected: Piaras2020 as Taoiseach (Prime Minister), thecliffcommandr as Tanaiste (Deputy Minister), CreeperAiden05 & Slowmotionn & RandomGuy281100 as Teachta Dála (Members of Parliament). Slowmotionn was also appointed General of the Irish Defence Forces.

Allies and Enemies

The only country Ireland has made an enemy is britain. Ireland's closest allies are the Highlands and the Merinia Kingdom. Ireland has 107 allies in total.