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Karakorum was a town, created by WextraMC. It had 107 residents 21st of November 2017 and can be found on 1st place on /t list. It became the biggest town when Cairo fell and Karakorum was created 13th July 2017.

When Wextra created Karakorum, it was called Shanghai, and he got support from multiple people. Karakorum later joined the nation International Union, but left due to internal problems. He later on joined USSR. Karakorum later got kicked from USSR, as well as almost all major towns, which led to the towns that was still in USSR became inactive. Later, he joined Canada and joined Alola during the war day. They joined Canada again after the war.

Karakorum was a Mongolian town, but has big parts all over the world. It is part of the nation Canada, as written before.

Karakorum had outposts all around the words, the most populated of their outposts being Belarum. The largest outpost is Canadarium.

Constitution for the town of Karakorum: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SBmVa75X2zpH_zHlmGFhVl-b_EAzJ0o58AwPb1cwIfc

Karakorum got deleted in April 2018 by it's mayor WextraMC.