Later Jing Dynasty (Classic)

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The Later Jing Dynasty has ascended the Later Zhou Dynasty in 228 A.C. Further details will be added once the Emperor of China has finished changing things around

This is the current anthem: File:EmpireFacesThreatOfExtinction.ogg

Early Stages

The Later Jing dynasty re-inherited Zhou due to their abdication. Upon the switch, immediately, the empire was much more stable, showing people that the reason behind Zhou's disloyalty was due to the loyalty towards Jing. This difference in loyalty went unrecognized among the outside world as they still believed the dynasties were falling apart.

The abdication of Tibet in 230 A.C. caused Jing to inherit the north and east half of Tibet while the Himilayan half of Tibet stayed due to inactivity. Jing did not much like the idea they would kill their vassal to get bigger, and kept them as the territory of Tibet.

Later Stages

The constant meddling from the outside world has begun to exhaust the players more and more, making players less enthusiastic about the server. The Emperor himself chose to show his outrage by participating in banning the meddler's highest nobles not once, but twice.

This obsession the outside world had towards meddling with Jing was at an all time high when they had taken a rather unrelated influence (subsidiary), and tried to stage a scandal by confusing it with a vassalization process, while rallying their half of the server into pressuring the unrelated subsidiary into revoking the title, becoming their vassal, or surrendering.

As the outside world was obsessed with destroying the dynasties once and for all, and creating new cliques, such as Communist China, the Emperor believed in beating them to it. As such, in 236 A.C., Later Jing was suceeeded by Kabian China, revoking the cores every dynasty had to follow, as well as one very important aspect of the dynasty's mandate: Regionalism.