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The Majapahit Empire is a nation located in Southern Asia and is ruled by the Chakravarti NeFFeeh. The empire was first founded by Parameswara on January 24th 2019. The capital of the Majapahit Empire is Wilwatikta, an ancient styled city that was the founding place of the empire. Since then the nation has expanded into multiple towns such as, Ketapang, Brander Seri, Palembang, and Stinky Town. The nation is promising and has much potential.


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Early History

The nation of Majapahit was created on January 24th 2019 with its capital being Wilwatikta. It was founded by Parameswara (also know as Para) and Moope. Over time they expanded the nation by adding new settlements such as, Sumatra, borneo, and sulawesi. Around February the young nation joined the Asian alliance called "The House of Uesgei". It also became the second largest nation on the server at the time.

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The Day of the Blood

In August of 2019, Marcelious became emperor to the dismay of many veteran members. He became to shift the nation away from pacifism and diplomacy to PVP. Soon a few of Marcelious's so-called "goons" went up to Bering Strait and killed some of their citizens. Now by this time both nations were apart of the house of Uesgei. Marcellious gave the excuse that he couldn't control all of his citizens but the alliance didn't buy it. They had a vote on whether to kick Maja from the house which failed. Later the same players killed more Bering Strait citizens. (Note: it is important to know that a lot of veteran members of Maja didn't support the actions of these players) Another vote was held to kick Maja and this time it succeeded. What followed: a force of 40 players from the house jumped on the town of Sarawak. On the Maja side there was only 5 players. What soon followed was a total route of the Uesgei forces. All 40 players were killed. This would be known as the Day of the Blood.

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