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Manila was the 15th town to be founded in the world, within 24 hours before the map was opened to the blue donators. Time of creation was 18:44 26/10/2018 CET. It lies in the eastern Hemisphere around where modern day Manila lies.


The town has gone through many Leaders. I (SirInfinity),


Manila has one Lord, who is named Skylordvoxaco.

Military Edit

The Manilan army is the most highly professional, well equipped army in the world. One of the soldiers, called Bluehunter789, has more MCMMO skills with his sword than the next 6 people in leaderboard.


The entire town is filled with houses. It is shaped in a square grid. The tallest building does not have a name, but it reaches up to the height limit.

Notable People Edit

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  • Bluehunter789
  • Shirazmatas
  • Skylordvoxaco

City Subdivisions

There is only one subdivision, which is unusual for cities.

Other Recommended Headings

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-Made by Bluehunter789, edited by: AlreadyTakenfornow (MC User: SirInfinity)