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Mexico City was one of the first Spanish colonies, founded in August 2017. The city is located on Lake Texcoco and serves as the economic and cultural hub of the New Spain region of the Spanish empire. 

Mexico City was founded by _Mystic_Ninja_ after he received a grant of 32 gold from Zqppy to construct what would become Spain 's first foothold in North America. Originally having been founded upon the ruins of an old town called "Azteca," the land was terraformed and the town's residences and infrastructure soon expanded around the lake. 

The first building in the town was the statehouse, which would later become Mystic's place of residence. The statehouse was modeled after the Palacio de Bellas Artes and is an iconic centerpiece of the city to this day. From there, new settlers joined and began constructing small residences built in the pueblo style. Mystic constructed an underwater sheep farm, which expanded commerce through the sale of wool. Later in the summer, more buildings were constructed, including a jail, mob farm, villager farm, greenhouse, pre-built residences, and a temple that became the new spawn point. The jail and temple were outfitted with collapsable bridges and water shields that could be activated in case of attack. Notable settlers of Mexico City include PolkadotMonkey and Emerson. 

Mexico City is relatively isolated, only being surrounded by other Spanish colonies and a few inactive towns. Because of this, the town has been involved in few wars and conflicts. One of these involved the town being attacked by poorly armed bandits, who were easily driven off. Another involved a failed assassination attempt made on _Mystic_Ninja_ by FrankUnderwod2, an ally-turned-enemy. 

After taking a leave of absence for the months of October and November, Mystic relegated the role of mayor to Emerson due to his intermittent activity. However, he remained as the chancellor of the town and Viceroy of New Spain.

In November and December 2017, Mystic tore down the old mob farm and began renovations of the town, adding an inn and more farmland, as well as a new sheep pen. He also constructed Commodity Tracker, or "The CT," a building where Earthmc players can check prices for many common goods sold on the server. This was created in order to further facilitate the growing amount of commerce that began to occur in the city.And as of today it has died even though PabloElMacho's futile attempts of becoming mayor have failed.